I Am In Awe

You people continue to both amaze and humble me.  Apparently, pixels are thicker than blood.

Just in case you are under a rock in a cave on an island on Mars, here’s the sum-up because there is no time to explain.

One of our own got some not so happy fun news that comes with bills with commas. Since she happens to be the uninsured self-unemployed type, it was suggested that some of us could maybe chip in and do a little something to help.

Heh. This ragtag group of miscreants doesn’t do anything small.  Particularly when it’s our favorite sister of snark that is in need.

So, madness happened.  All kinds of things are being raffled off.  Jay is in charge of getting that information out there.  And I am the book-keeper.  I have mad spreadsheet skills, just saying.  Also, I know my carpal tunnel exercises and my chiropractor is paid up.  Challenge me, I dare you. I rock spreadsheets, workbooks, and databases for my day job.  You know what?  I think you just might be up to it, and I have at least one volunteer waiting in the wings. It’s not going to be easy though.  I’m serious; I dare you to try and overwhelm me.

Once we’ve figured out which pens we’re herding the cats into, all of you that have donated will begin receiving emails from me confirming what I show for your donation amount and which raffle(s) you want chances towards. Once I get through the backlog, subsequent donations will get an confirmation with 48 hours (probably much less).


If you have already donated and you do not receive an email from me by Friday, let me know.  Contact me by email (jennifer AT injennifershead.com), hit me up on FaceBook, Tweet me @InJennifersHead, or comment here.  Heidi, the wonderpup, really hates pigeons so those messages never make it through.

11 thoughts on “I Am In Awe”

  1. We done did donate, of course….but….gotta ask…..are there EFFECTIVE carpal tunnel exercises out there? I’ve Googled it, and there seem to be a lot of sites that poo-poo the other sites while touting their own snake-oil remedies.
    RabidAlien´s last blog post ..Prepping!

    1. YMMV but I’ve found that if you 1) modify your repetitive motions to relieve as much stress on your wrists as possible, 2) get a good comfortable brace, 3) really stretch your arms, wrists, and hands, and, 4) don’t be afraid to use anti-inflammatorys, you can really reduce a lot of the pain and other unpleasant side effects of carpal tunnel

      1. Kewl, thanks! I had an Advil breakfast this morning (lots of crawling and running wires under some trailers yesterday, I’m sooo out of shape!), my thumb seems to be happy with that. May have to try some of my wife’s “SuperJuice”….Omega369 or something like that, given to her by her chiro for inflammation.
        RabidAlien´s last blog post ..Random ramblings

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