It’s My Pleasure, Really

All too often, when looking out across the jagged edges of your own life, the world looks like a cold and lonely place. I pass people on the street making empty eye-contact with strangers.  No spark of connection or care. Each and every one alone in the crowd.

But not me. I am wrapped up in something great.  A community connected with our glowing screens and keyboards. A family that cannot bear the thought of one of our own in pain.  One of our own in need. Plenty of flesh and blood families aren’t this good. It is my honor to be list keeper.  It’s a selfish thing almost.  I get to have the warm fuzzy feeling of being a part in this every time my email notification dings. I get to ‘hear’ you say things like

The ____ is freaking sweet!  I’d love to win that.  But really, having Tam healthy and happy is the best prize of all. [Paraphrased from several emails]

Indeed.  Everybody wins. You, me, Tam, and the bratty little sister of the gun-blogosphere putting together a care package.

I appreciate all the thanks I have received.  You are so very welcome.  Sure, it’s like herding cats, but they are all awesome cats that purr and lean in for head scratches as they pass. Not a single floor-pooper in the bunch!

3 thoughts on “It’s My Pleasure, Really”

  1. Heck, I know I’m not going to win anything. Still entered just to help out.

    Bidding on my lower finally got past what a bare lower normally costs too! That’s generosity! Paying more than something is worth to help someone out.
    McThag´s last blog post ..Hostess Redo

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