Free Does Not Mean Without Cost

I have been attempting to eliminate this particular usage of the word free from my vocabulary because it just isn’t true.  It’s an over simplification which far too many people have accepted as fact. People have ceased to understand that although there are things that they can obtain at no cost to themselves, they do not exist without cost.

It’s not an easy transition.  It would be simple to state that you can ride the bus in my city for free, but it’s not exactly true.  As a taxpayer in my city, I’ve already paid for the use of the city bus.  So instead I refer to it as already paid for.

Many of us refer to the content on our sites as ‘free ice cream.’ And indeed, I provide my content to you without charge.  But it certainly not without cost.  I pay money for my domain name and my hosting.  I spend my valuable time reading and thinking up things to put out here for your consumption.  It’s not without value, instead it is something of value that I provide to you for no charge. You have the option to throw coin my way, but it is far from required.  And yes, those ads hanging out over on the side bar do help to offset my monetary investment in my little corner of the internet.  They wouldn’t if you didn’t visit. And truly, the return on my investment is far greater than any dollars earned.  I started a blog as a pressure release valve.  I got that. The value of the community/family was unexpected and immeasurable in dollars. Really, I am indebted to all of you for that.

The free part of this blog is the freedom I have to say what I want.  To put it out there to be consumed. I am free to speak (type) my mind. I am free to share my opinions.  I feel I owe it to my son to clarify the definitions. Hopefully, he will still have these freedoms when he is an adult.  He won’t if people continue to believe that anything of value exists without cost.

I know it’s a little thing, but I cringe when I hear people talking about ‘free’ healthcare, ‘free’ phones, ‘free’ lunches.  When a community comes together to help out one of their own, it is a beautiful thing to be celebrated.  Handouts so generously provided on the backs of taxpayers are just polished up slavery.

9 thoughts on “Free Does Not Mean Without Cost”

  1. I hasn’t been spoken more clearly anywhere. Thank you. When everyone gets their free health care, I wonder if they’ll notice the cost of everything they purchase will be going up, as the increased taxes on everyone else will be passed on to the consumer.

    Can’t wait until I retire and get my pacemaker made in China as they’ll all be made there to avoid the 2.3 excise tax.

  2. As the woman in the annoying commercial says (Sorry, can’t recall what it’s for)
    ‘Free? Must be good!’
    ‘Cause, you know sub-$100 no-name tablets are SO much better than $1700 Apples – eh, or something.
    Or maybe – you get what you PAY for!

  3. Sorry, long day, I’ll go stand in the corner for a while.

    I just despise ‘Free’ this and ‘Free’ that.


  4. It’s called “magical thinking.” The willful forsaking of logic. I’ll demand evidence before I believe everything else, but I’ve got not problem thinking that health care, condoms, tuition assistance, housing stipends and hundred other government goodies comes out of a magic box, costing nothing to nobody, and then scream because you want to raise taxes to pay for it all. Heavy Sigh.
    Cheeze´s last blog post ..Here, hold my beer. Watch this!

  5. Have a friend who used to talk about how wonderful the ‘free healthcare’ under Obama would be. Now, when point out all the costs(warned about and ignored in the past) showing up, he tries to say “Who said it would be free?”
    “Uh, YOU did; remember?”

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