Operation Tamalanche

So here I sit, overfed on turkey and trimmings with a bourbon at my side.  I’m enjoying the warmth of the fire pit and prepping to select names.  Just so you know, here’s how it’s going to go down.

I’ve got a list for each raffle.  If you’ve got multiple tickets in a given raffle, your name is on it multiple times.  Each list will be shuffled so as to assign a unique number to each entry.  Again, multiple entries get multiple numbers. That range of numbers will be thrown at a random number generator and BAM! Winners!

Winners will be contacted via email.  This will start happening late tonight and finish tomorrow afternoon.  I have to warm the chair at my (thank God) not retail day job tomorrow. I’ll ask you for any and all pertinent information at that time.  I want to publicly share winning names, but I want you to tell me how you want to be listed.  Screen name only, link, first name, blood type, GPS coordinates, first and last, you know, the usual. So if it’s me, you’ll see Jennifer InJennifersHead.com A- postage stamp far too much in town, but if it’s one of y’all* that keeps those things private, it’ll just say InternetAwesomePerson.


Oh! And if you haven’t entered yet, all is not lost.  You can still get in on Angus’s auction.  I am not involved on this one so you’re just going to have to head over there.  The Viper drawing does not end until 12/2, and I am still taking entries.  I am tracking this one, but Dennis will be doing the actual drawing.  Dragon Leatherworks may be a competitor to TheHolsterSite, but it’s all friendly and I do encourage you to enter.  The Jack’s raffle for the Handgonne and range kit runs until 12/10. He’s not far from that next stretch goal either so get your entries in.  The drawing on Heath’s raffle will end 12/7 because that just deserved some more time and attention.

Thanks to Erin for the title.

*Bourbon brings out the Okie accent.

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