Here Kitty Kitty

Those of you that are also reading Evyl’s musings know that we spotted a Bobcat on our hunting grounds recently.  Those of you who are not reading Evyl, shame on you!  You can find the write-up and video here.

Pretty nifty sighting, but I’m still peeved that he ran off the deer I was hoping to bring home.  So I did a little research and learned that it is perfectly legal to hunt/trap bobcats in this area.  I just need a fur license and a trapping license.

Here’s where you come in. If I wanted to trap a housecat, I could just put out a shoe box, but I’m thinking this kitty will be a bit more challenging. I haven’t a clue where to start.

So, internet, school me on all things bobcat/trapping.

Ready? Go!

5 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty”

  1. I have no personal experience trapping bobcats but a friend does and he recommended a wire cage made to look like a hidey hole. Snares and leg traps are kind of tricky to set up and use properly for a novice and the bobcat could escape but be maimed. He used rabbits and squirrels for bait and dragged them up the trail to make a scent trail for the bobcat. If he was using a leg trap he did use strips of skin and feathers like a giant cat toy to attract them, hung them up out of their reach so they had to step on the trap to get to them. Good Luck!

  2. Back in the olden days of yore or the early 80’s for you kids you could actually get a decent price for fur in Oklahoma. We trapped everything from ‘possums to bobcats to beaver. We always used leg traps. We’d set them on or near a trail baited with things like rabbit, squirrel, chicken livers, or even sardines. We would also run our trap lines twice a day very early in the morning (like 4 am) and in the early evening. It’s a lot of work but back then you could get good money for fur. BTW I don’t think trapping season starts until mid-December be sure and check with the Wildlife Dept.

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