Raffle Update

Update: Answer received!

Hey you! Yes you hiding over there. Yeah, that’s right, the one not responding to my emails.  You won a prize! In fact, yours was the 5th name drawn. (It is entirely possible that this is not your fault.  We can blame email gremlins.)

Which is kind of a problem if you won’t get back with me.  You see, I’ve heard back from the 6th, 7th, and 8th names drawn, and they are anxiously awaiting notification of what they’ve won.

I know your real name.  I’ve even got your mailing address provided the info from Paypal is accurate.  So here’s what we’re going to do. You have until 8PM central time on Thursday, November 29th to respond to my email. If I have not heard from you by that time, you will be bumped to 8th choice.  I have already heard from the other winners and it is not right to keep them in limbo.

Check your email! If you are the winner in question, you have an email (3 actually, just in case one of my email addresses is getting rejected by your email) with this text

This is your final notification.  Your name was drawn 5th in the raffle. Packages A, B, G, and D have been claimed.  If I do not hear from you by 8PM central time on Thursday, November 29th, you will be bumped to 8th choice.
You have been drawn in the NFO raffle.  Please let me know your order of preference A-H on the packages. 1st drawn will get their first choice, 2nd chooses from the remaining.  Etc.
A. Diamondback and custom Holster by Michael and Kathy Jackson Book
B. ISSC .22 Trainer (Glock style), Kathy Jackson book
C. Ruger P94, extra magazines, shoulder holster, Kathy Jackson book
D. Ye Olde Handgonne or Knife plus engraving, Kathy Jackson book
E. $200 Brownells gift Certificate, Kathy Jackson book
F. $100 Midway gift certificate, Sightmark Tactical Red Dot, Kathy Jackson book
G. Stabby package-Gerber Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder, Emerson CQC-7 Mini, Remington collector R1 Upland pocket knife
H. Guns and Roses handcrafted necklace and $100 Amazon gift card
Please let me know how you want to be listed publicly in your response.

If you’ve got this message in your email, respond ASAP. If you do not, check with your friends.  Please spread the word.


15 thoughts on “Raffle Update”

      1. The ballot was confusing. There were hanging chads.

        I demand a recount!

        And no matter how it comes out I want my old job back!

        And a really big car that goes really fast and gets really crappy gas mileage.

        And a Blaupunkt!
        McThag´s last blog post ..Test

  1. Heh. I was panicking until I remembered that I didn’t enter that particular raffle. It’s OTHER ones I’m still waiting on. (And they’re drawing later, I think.)

  2. Doubt it was me…nothing’s come through my email. And my luck sucks….the best way to increase your odds of winning a raffle is to have me enter it as well, I’m pretty much NOT going to win, unless I’m the only one to enter. Then I’ll probably still come in second.

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