So Close

That final stretch goal is within reach!  $45! You can do it! And you can have this.

Click me!

Complete with… Well I’ll let The Jack tell you

You’ll get a Jackalope Rifle Company 50 caliber handgonne  and a full kit including:
A supply of 50 call bullets, miscellaneous shot,  patches, lube and fuse, A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure, ans finally: a powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).

You know how this works.  Head on over to Tam’s place. Rattle the jar.

If you click me, you go to Tam’s place

Email me (jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com)the receipt saying you want that handgonne in a bad way. Because really, who doesn’t want a gun with no moving parts? One of these days, I’ll get edit up the video of EvylRobot and I each shooting one of these and having the exact same reaction.  Spoiler warning: Maniacal laughter

Who ever would have thought something so primitive could be so much fun?

If you aren’t so old school, there’s still time to get in on Heath’s rifle raffle ending 12/7. And you’re down to the wire for the Viper from DragonLeatherworks.

People from the internet with guns are the best people in the world.  Take that Nanny Bloomers! We take care of our own.



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