Everybody Needs A Tactical Team

Even the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department spent more than $180,000 on high-tech shotguns, bulletproof vests and seven police-package vehicles that agency officials say were needed as part of its expanded focus on criminal insurance fraud.

Criminal insurance fraud.

But the purchases have raised eyebrows among some lawmakers who question why the agency’s nine-member anti-fraud unit — which primarily investigates white-collar crimes — needs equipment typically used by police officers and SWAT teams.

Ya don’t say?

I have one question for the elected Insurance Commissioner John Doak. When you spend $180,000 with the super ninja tactical outfitters, do they throw in the jackboots for free as an incentive?

9 thoughts on “Everybody Needs A Tactical Team”

  1. I hope someday we see some legislation or a binding court decision that severely limits the use of SWAT tactics and no-knock raids to actual situations where there is a clear and present danger to the police and public, such as [DUH] apprehending known violent criminals.
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  2. One of those things where we have to do the math.
    9 person team, makes sense if they are traveling around a fair amount for 7 vehicles. .Four people in the office, 5 out in cars, 1 spare, and 1 in the shop for some reason…

    7 police package vehicles…
    Lets say they got the fairly standard Dodge Carger police packages… 22k for the v6 or 30k for the V8
    Split it down the middle at 4 v6, 3 v8s and you have 178,000 leaving about enough for two or three vests, and maybe a shotgun incase they get in a heated argument.

    sensationalism in the news here

  3. A: Are these investigators state-certified LE, with authority to carry arms on duty? If not, what the eff are they doing with the shotguns?
    B: As they’re buying cars with pursuit packages, are they planning on pursuits? If so, have they all had EVO training? If not, when are they? If never, what the EFF do they need with cars like this when they could get some commutermobiles and get along with that just fine?

    At this point I really don’t give a rats’ ass where the money came from, the question is ‘Why do they NEED these things?’ And I’ve yet to hear a good answer.
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