So Let Me Get This Straight

So there was some dancing monkey whose special talent was using violence and aggression is a manner the people find entertaining and those same people are shocked and amazed that he utilized violence and aggression to manage his personal life.

Well that has certainly never happened before.

Honestly, I wish Kasandra Perkins had been armed. My heart goes out to all those who are hurting due to the actions of this flawed and broken man. A poor little girl is an orphan because he couldn’t control his monster (click that link, read it).

What sad, small minds put the blame on an inanimate object. As if it would be less horrific had he used his hands instead. That little girl would be just as much an orphan. I applaud his teammates for their reaction.

One would think that if guns caused this kind of behavior, there would be at least one professional shooter on this list. There are cyclists, dart players, and competition fishermen listed along with the more widely recognized sports.

A rational person might just be led to believe that violence is unrelated to the tools at hand.

6 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Straight”

  1. The rule I learned, is that if he hits you once, he will hit you again.

    Why isn’t that one taught in middle school health class?

    I also could wish she were a skilled shooter. Hopefully, that would have been enough of a change in these people’s lives, that she would not have been there for that confrontation. Disarming future victims creates the opening for an attack. In the home, in the movie theater, and among nations. And truly.
    Brad K.´s last blog post ..Colorado high school dropouts

  2. Unfortunately, I think we will see more and more monsters on full public display, not because of increased availability of guns but rather because truth, and therefore what constitutes a monster, has become fluid. If my truth is that I do what I want, and there is no absolute truth above that, there is nothing to constrain me to remain in control of my monster.

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