The Dreaded Dressing Room

Sure you look cute and stylish going in, but the florescent box knows your secrets. Its mirror tells no lies.


In here, you know exactly how your butt looks in those jeans.


Why yes, my FN does have a rather large butt. And there is the added dread of the fashionable gunnie girl. What do you do with the pistol while trying on new pants?

Personally, I leave it right there in the holster on my pants, and I don’t step out of the room to use the 3-way mirror. Were I carrying IWB, I would try it with whatever pants, but the gun would never leave the holster. Because, as Tam says, “Stop touching it!”

How about you? How do you handle the dressing room?

15 thoughts on “The Dreaded Dressing Room”

  1. Well I’m not to that point yet soon though! But just today I wasn’t being careful in the little girls room (sorry had to say where) and my knife that I conceal carry just fell right out onto the floor. All you hear is this loud clunk on the floor….I immediately thought that cannot happen again. Same thing with a gun you have to be careful even in a dressing room that it’s up on the chair and not down on the floor and such. Nothing like walking buy someone’s dressing room to look down and see feet and a gun. So yeah lots to take into thought when you carry any kind of weapon. Just my two cents of course.
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    1. This particular dressing room did not have the gap at the bottom, but yes, I do put it up on the chair if needed. I’ve dropped my pocket knife in the bathroom several times. I just try to grab it as quickly as possible and hope no one notices.
      Public restrooms are the worst. Not that you’d want to drop your pants all the way to the floor in one anyway (ew), but you do have to be very careful to keep everything high enough that it stays out of sight.

      1. I just have to applaud you for how well your able to conceal. Your like my roll model. That is the biggest concern for when I’m starting down the path of concealing. There really is a science to it.
        Jalissa´s last blog post ..Patiently Waiting

      2. It’s not uncommon for people to drop their phones, which will make a similar clatter to a dropped knife. Most people will just assume that’s what it is.

  2. First, let me say this. It must be nice being the holster maker’s wife. Nice looking rig.

    Second, don’t ever complain about having a big butt. There’s plenty of Deagles and Sigs out there that think they are LCPs, and plenty of LCPs that complain that they are Deagles. The fact that you can conceal that beast means it is not that big, And, yes, that metaphor applies to women’s posteriors too. Until someone sticks a harpoon in your tush, SHUT UP about it already and be glad there is someone out there that wants to put their hands all over your butt (you decide whether I’m talking about your gun or your tush).

    Third, why do I keep hearing Jayne’s voice grumbling “I’ll be in my bunk.”?

  3. Since i have a paddle holster, it goes on the new pants and under the jacket when I go out to have the suit ‘fitted’… Thankfully they know me, so no attention is called to that extra ‘bump’ under the jacket, and they make the fit loose enough to cover.
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  4. Maybe it’s cheating because I’m a guy.

    I am able to do the “business casual” thing at the office, so when I need a new pair of pants I just walk into the tall/fat guy’s store, tell ’em I need a pair of Dockers in [color], with a 32 inch inseam, and [classified] waist size. I then hand ’em my credit card and I’m on my way.

    The gun never moves.

  5. Usually I will pick a pair of my sized pants off the rack, try one on….if it fits, I head back to the aforementioned rack, and pick up two or three more pairs (hey, who can’t use a dozen khaki-colored cargo pants?). While in the dressing room, I usually go for the on-and-off as fast as possible routine….once I’m done, and am assured of a comfy pair of pants, I’ll usually stick my head out and yell for some toilet paper, as this stall is out. That’s always the last step, though, as I’m generally asked to exit and not come back.

  6. I do exactly what you do…leave it in the holster on the belt. I am almost always wearing my AGirl holster from your man especially if trying on clothes. I pretty much know what size and style of pant will work with my gun and holster, so I rarely need to mess with it, but if it’s some crazy fitting outfit I might put the entire rig on and see if it works.

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