Twelve! Twelve! Twelve!

The last repeating day for 90 years! Like it matters.  The world ends next Friday anyway.  Which is why I haven’t gotten you anything for Christmas.  Although, fruit cake might be an effective weapon against the zombie alien hordes, but a tie would just make you look stuffy and delicious.

7 thoughts on “Twelve! Twelve! Twelve!”

      1. No, that happened the night I was born. You see I was born in the Seattle area and they were undergoing a no shit bilizzard.

        My personal belief is that hell froze over as I entered the world to bar my possible entry.

  1. World ending next week seemed an appropriate occasion on which to charge my surgery. I’ll have to be around to pay for it later. 😛

    Thanks for the well wishes, darling. Love you guys so much and you are very dera friends. XOXO

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