No, I haven’t gotten myself into any illicit situations with NPH*.

My employer, who sports a very recognizable logo, has a regular sale of swag and stuff for the office employees.  Helps them clear inventory and lets us buy things at a steep discount.  Everybody wins! And they give us some freebies too. Of course, having been at this company for nearly 8 years now, I am rarely seen without their logo. In my house, you’ll find 3 duffle bags and a handful of chip clips. I drink my morning coffee out of a promotional coffee cup.  I’ve got promotional pens out the wazoo.  (Never keep pens in the wazoo.)  Mouse pad? Promo. Polo shirt? Logo-ed. Binoculars? Yep, those too.

It’s funny how these things just creep in.  I think I may need to look into some promotional items with TheHolsterSite logo.

EvylRobot_Color_lgIt is a nice looking logo, after all.  Would look nice on a hat, or bag, or water bottle, or pen…

*the point at which I admit to the internet that I have seen the Harold & Kumar movies


15 thoughts on “Branded!”

  1. Great idea for promotions! But if you expand, don’t give them to employees. I worked for a large credit-card company would give us all manner of flotsam and jetsam (and tscotchkes SP) containing the company logo.
    In lieu of raises.
    After the plastic beer mug wore out, it made a great target.

  2. OK – cool design for the logo and all, but, sadly, I have no idea what it’s supposed to represent. I can’t see that it makes any reference to either “The Holster Site” or “Michael’s Custom Holsters”. I’m sure I’m missing something…

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