For Connecticut

My heart is broken for the community in Connecticut. Too many lives were cut short today by a man bent on evil. Today I am grieving for the families that should be joyously preparing for Christmas but instead are mourning those that will never open their lovingly wrapped packages. I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through.

For what small comfort it may be worth, my thoughts and prayers are with you. May God grant you peace.

3 thoughts on “For Connecticut”

  1. Cannot understand the mindset of anyone who will open fire on others, especially on children. The news said the children in this school arrange in age from five to ten years old. My granddaughters range in age from five to ten. You can bet I’ll be over there when they get out of school to hug and spend time with them.

    Also, I see the anti’s are already out there, including your President, calling for tighter controls on gun ownership.

  2. I can see the logic in shooting up one’s place of work. It is warped and twisted but there is at least that kernel of logic behind it that someone there “deserved” it.

    But children…..

    That I can not wrap my head around.
    And I’m kind of glad I can’t understand it. If I could I’d be a little worried about myself.


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