Overheard At Home

Evening discussion slipped into missing dear friends, Phlegmmy and LawDog, and chitchat regarding Phlegmmy’s current puppyless Sundays.

Me: She’s staying with her parents while her face heals

EvylRobot: So I guess she is needing full time care during her recovery

Me. That, and there is just too much risk of puppy/facial collisions

ER: Ouch! Yeah, that would be bad

Me: And they would in their excitement to be with her.  It’s not like you could just keep them away. I guess she could wear a cone.

*giggle fits*

ER: You are a sick woman.  I love you.


Phlegmmy’s pack of tiny hounds are a delightful and spirited bunch, and I know they are missing their mama. And if anyone could make the cone-of-shame look good, it’d be Phlegmmy.

8 thoughts on “Overheard At Home”

  1. Cone of shame……


    Given his current track record better get one for Lawdog too.

    Maybe I better avoid Texas for a bit.


  2. OMG. That IS fabulous! I’m going to have to get myself a cone, now. Ya know, bedazzle it. 😛

    This made me laugh so hard, but at that time, I was not in a state to sit at a keyboard. I appreciate your well-wishes and thoughts, and again, this is a great idea.

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