In 2013, I Wish You Magnificent Failure

Because if you fail magnificently, you’ve tried something fantastic.  And you are just the sort of person that will pick yourself up and try again.  And you will succeed.  You will succeed because you are daring enough to try something fantastic and lift yourself from the ruins of magnificent failure.


9 thoughts on “In 2013, I Wish You Magnificent Failure”

  1. Ah, well put. We do not learn from success, we learn from failure. Happy New Year to you and your long suffering partner talking to me about some holster or something =)

      1. Thankfully, I’ve screwed up screwing those up (in a very “Captain Jack Sparrow” manner of logical thought process). So the screwing up of the screwup of the Four Rules was screwed up in a manner which screwed everything up…ultimately resulting in nothing screwed up whatsoever. Savvy? ::smacks forehead against forehead-shaped indention in the wall:: I probably deserved that.

  2. When i was struggling with my rental property (first house I couldn’t sell after we moved for a job, due to real estate crash), my father-in-law once asked, “Whats the difference between the guy who goes bankrupt owing $20,000 on his house, and the guy who goes bankrupt owing $2 million on a bunch of houses and a rental company?”

    “The guy who did it on a bunch of houses tried, and at least has a story at the end of it”

    Ya cant fall if you dont reach, but you’ll never climb the cliff, if you dont reach either

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