Gee, Thanks For That


That is the amount that Monday’s direct deposit of my paycheck will be less than the one I got 2 weeks ago.

Awesome.  I had no idea we were so rich. That must be it, right?  I mean, Dear Reader promised he wouldn’t be raising taxes on the middle class.  No one making less than $250K would have their taxes increased.  I must have gotten a better raise than I realized.  That’s a pretty substantial increase from last year’s earnings to put me over $250K. But it’s not on this pay-stub.  Hmm, well that was for the pay period ending 12/31.  I’m sure I’ll see the increase on the next one.  Right?

Think I should hold my breath until that pans out?

12 thoughts on “Gee, Thanks For That”

  1. Now factor in the Obamacare tax on various things as you buy stuff. And the increase in prices as companies pass on their costs. THAT’S actually how much our taxes went up. Aren’t you glad you be so rich?

  2. Actually it is not an increase but is just a reinstatement of the Social Security withholding deduction Obama gave you two years ago. They lowered your contribution to Social Security by 2%. That reduction has expired and was not extended. SO, your contribution went back up by that 2% so it is equal to what your employer pays into Social Security. On the other side, us retiree appreciate you in the working class for continuing to pay into the system so we can keep getting our monthly checks. 😉

    1. Sorry, you are blaming the wrong person. Insurance companies still set their own rates. Check with your companies plan to see where the increase came from. In fact, due to the cap on insurance companies premium increases, Americans as a whole saved 2.1 billion in premiums in 2012 alone.

      Go here to get the facts:

  3. That’ll have all the other taxes that started on the 1st; I’m thinking even harder along the lines of ‘C’mon, Lord, just one little meteor at the next joint session, is that so bad to wish for?’

  4. Before some of you post, you may want to get the facts straight.

    #1: No new taxes on the middle class. This 2% was a tax break we ALL received two years ago due to the economic meltdown in 2008. Now the tax break has expired.

    I did not hear anyone complain two years ago with $29.63 extra in their pocket.

    Secondly, I hear lots of misinformation about Obamacare. PLEASE, do some homework. Although I did not vote for BO, and do not agree with some of the components of Obamacare, there is some good things in that for all Americans.

    This link will show you all the facts, good and bad.

    Now this comes from a 60 year old, registered Republican, who volunteers in the ER of a major public hospital. But before I open my mouth, I try to do a little homework first.

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