2009 Challenge: Week 5

Well I gained one pound back after the flu.  Meh.  I did lose half an inch around my waist.  Hips, well they seem to be pretty happy at 38.

Michael didn’t lose weight this week.  Fabulous, since his goal goes in the opposite direction.

Instinct went and lost 2 pounds and 2 inches this week.  Awesome.

And we may be the only 3 players left.   But we are making good progress.

6 thoughts on “2009 Challenge: Week 5”

  1. Gee, DAVO, I was wondering where you have been. I thought maybe your mommy had taken away your computer privileges for looking at gay porn again.

    You weren’t wearing her underwear this time were you??

  2. LOL….I’d rather look at gay porn than see you naked! Maybe if you actually lose the 70 pounds you wouldn’t be that bad, but I’d still have to brown bag ya!
    I’m sure Instinct is quite relieved that you don’t fantasize about him

  3. Jen’s right, I am very relieved that you aren’t fantasizing about me anymore. I guess those restraining orders do work after all.

    The sad part, DAVO, is that out of 300,000 sperm you were the best that came out of that batch.

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