Warning: Choking Hazard

Just wondering how Joe Biden can speak to anyone with his malignant foot-in-mouth disorder.  You’d think that would prevent cranial-rectal-itis, but you don’t know Joe.  He has a special talent.

The mind, it boggles.

Warning: Small minds may choke on big concepts like logic, history, and verifiable results.

If at first you don’t succeed, fail harder.

5 thoughts on “Warning: Choking Hazard”

  1. The scary part, is that is Joe’s job. He is there to scare the world, and especially the Congress and Democratic party about what would happen to the nation if Obama were to be called to task for violating the Constitution, the law, his oath of office, etc.

    Joe, acting out on script like this, is taking the heat to keep Obama looking, well, Presidential, in comparison.

  2. The way I see it, this whole administration is one big slight-of-hand show. Obummer is putting the spotlight on Biden…..Obummer swept in and “saved us all” from the fiscal cliff….OMG GUNCONTROL…..the media is focusing us on these scripted topics. The trick in magic shows, though, is that when the magician is making elaborate gestures/flourishes with one hand, you should always be watching what his other hand is doing. Same here. Obummer has an agenda, and the media is playing his game.

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