Bang! Bang! Zhou Yuxin’s Iron Hammer Came Down Upon His Head

Another day, another spree killing.  Something must be done.

We must get these dangerous weapons of war construction off the streets.

Spree killings never happen in places like China where guns are banned.  Except, when they do.

Huh. Must have been some kind of evil assault hammer.  The kind that whispers to people in the night. Since we know they can’t move on their own, these hammers must use mind control.

What business does some failed electrical repair shop owner have with this kind of tool anyway?  These things belong in carpentry shops, not on the street. Bathhouses should be a places of cleanliness and renewal, not plagued by dangerous hammers.

One thought on “Bang! Bang! Zhou Yuxin’s Iron Hammer Came Down Upon His Head”

  1. Um, the hammer laying in my bathroom, left there (I think since 2001) after hanging a picture, uh, should I put that in the hammer safe, and secure it with a California-approved hammer lock? (I read about a hammerlock in a book, “There is a girl in my hammerlock” (Jerry Spinelli, 1991). But then there is the hammer in the shop, and the one behind the seat of the truck, with the other tools and tarp and such. And I think there is one in the chicken house — don’t ask — and then I have been dreaming of blacksmithing, so I picked up several hammers and and anvil. Huh. Should I get locks for the hammer heads that don’t have handles on, yet? What about those that the handle is too loose to use, but haven’t been repaired?

    Come to think of it, I don’t think the BATFE did a background check for any of my hammer purchases. Or for the shovels, or pitchforks, or . . why, with a hand full of nails, and a board or three, and a bucket of dirt or gravel, an irate person might hamper the day of any number of government types. G-men, that is the term isn’t it? G-men. Yeah, that sounds about right. And the Constitution, nor ObamaCare, neither, allows that ordinary people should be able to own a hammer.

    What does Mayor Bloomberg feel about hammer owners without background checks? Should hammers be limited to 10 inch handles, and those massive assault (sledge) hammers just plain confiscated?

    We need to have a serious discussion, it appears, on hammers.

    Bang! Bang! Maxwell, indeed.

    Not to mention old Lizzie Borden. “Lizzie borden took an axe, gave her mother forty whacks. When she” . . no, that was an axe. Maybe axes need to be controlled, too.

    Come to think of it, was Grant Wood’s painting “American Gothic” (about the gothic style window in the house behind the pharmacist and his sister), really about the pitchfork, and how average people can and should oppose oppressive government, using what tools come to hand? Or am I reading too much into that pictured display of character and fortitude?

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