A Little Girl’s Dreams

I don’t know, but I assume that most adoptive parents want to make a child’s dreams come true. Well this lady did it, but it wasn’t the kind of dream you would hope for.

She took to writing stories about her toy tiger, Stripes, and asked Julie if she would like to hear one.

“In this one, Stripes was living with a nasty adoptive mother who threw him out on the street saying: ‘Get away you naughty cub, you can’t come back here.’ Luckily, all was not lost because Stripes found his birth mummy.

Unfortunately for this little girl, she doesn’t get to go back to her birth mummy. But she was dumped by her adoptive mother.

I am so very sorry that this 7 year old girl from Tanzania who knows nothing but pain and abandonment came with some issues. Shocking that one year doesn’t create a perfectly well-adjusted child. This little girl has never really had love and security and yet she was expected to know how to show it to her adoptive mother. Rather than invest the necessary time and energy to this special needs child, this lady gave her back. Who knew that children came with a satisfaction guarantee? I worry about her birth daughter. What happens when she gets to those difficult teenage years? Not only will she have to deal with normal teenage angst, but an underlying fear that when her mother doesn’t feel that she is ‘getting anything back’ out of the relationship, that she will be dumped like her short-term sister. The psychological repercussions for both of these children is astounding.

I know, I wrote something heartwarming and something to tick you off all in one day. I wasn’t going to write this one because Rachel Lucas has already expressed the outrage, but I couldn’t say enough in the comments.

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