I know, this was supposed to go up on Friday.  I’m a bad, bad blogger.  But really, I’ve only had two photographic entries for Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun.  You’ve got until the end of January to enter.

And without further adieu

BradBrad actually sent me several pics, but I picked this one just because I love all the smoke and implied noise.  That’s how to spend a weekend.  Brad doesn’t blog so I can’t link back to him.

And then we have Larry showing off his EBR



Well I’ll let Larry tell you about it

It’s a Saiga .223 with the Tapco trigger conversion, Tapco collapsible stock and pistol grip, Texas Weapons Systems Gen 1 dogleg scope rail, UTG quad rail foregrip, Grip Pod collapsible bipod grip and a quartet of Surefire 30 round “high-capacity ammunition clips”. That should be enough to give Fineshwine, Boxer, Jackson-Lee, et al the vapors…

I actually bought it with most of the fun stuff included but before the trigger conversion was done. At the time it had the Tapco T6 collapsible stock set that has the pistol grip integrated with the stock. In that configuration it was only 922r compliant with the 30 rd magazines.

I did the trigger conversion myself (Tapco G2 double-hook trigger group) and installed the new Tapco T6 stock and separate pistol grip, so now it is compliant no matter what magazine I’m using…which was the point of doing the conversion to begin with.

So there are the details. My Glock (36) only has 7 round magazines, so apparently I don’t have to worry about it getting up in the middle of the night and killing everyone in the house like the 11+ round magazines will do.

Thanks and best of luck!


4 thoughts on “Pictures!”

  1. Yep, I’m betting that first pic ‘was’ a tad noisy… 🙂 And depending on how things play out, 922 compliance will probably be OBE…

    Oh, and I’ve already got a copy! 🙂

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