Magical Force-Fields

Ferrule and his magical force-field

This is Ferrule and his magical force-field   I know it looks remarkably like an animal print throw, but to Ferrule, it’s magical.  You see, Ferrule was a feral kitten once.  I rescued him from the construction at my office when he was about 5 weeks old.  His mother was no where to be found, and it was clear he was on his own. So I brought the giant eared, nearly hairless, flea-ridden tiny bundle home, much to Evyl’s dismay.

I took care of the fleas, fed him KMR, and nursed him back to health.  Today, nearly 7 years later, that little bundle has grown into 17 pounds of feline. Like most rescued feral cats, he’s high strung. But he loves and trusts me completely. When he’s with me, all is right with the world.

Unless the TV is on.  He was once frightened by a character spraying fire suppressing foam back at the viewer.  He’s been terrified of the moving pictures on the wall ever since. So this is Ferrule’s dilemma.  He wants desperately to be in my lap, but his irrational fear is overwhelming.

Enter the magical force-field. It protects him from the scary moving pictures and allows him to feel safe and secure in my lap. As long as he can’t see the screen, he’s safe.

It’s kind of like this force-field


It makes him feel safe from those that wouldn’t harm him while offering no real protection from those that might.  It’s a false sense of security against imagined threats. In the unlikely event that someone busted into my house to terrorize my cat, it wouldn’t be the zebra print blanket that would protect him.

But he believes he is safe under the blanket.  He’s a cat.  He also believes if he sings to the birds in the yard, they will be charmed into becoming his next meal.  Never mind that he is also terrified of the outdoors. I don’t expect him to be rational.

People should be capable of more and yet too many allow themselves to be fooled.  Don’t put your faith in magical force-fields.  There is no sign and no law that will guarantee your safety.  Nothing can do that.  What you can do is prepare and give yourself a fighting chance.


10 thoughts on “Magical Force-Fields”

  1. Now, if they made those signs human-sized, and out of tank armor (battleship armor would be better, but where can you find a battleship these days?) so that folks could hide behind the sign when someone intent on evil ignores the sign (gasp! They can do that?!)….then I’d call the signs semi-useful. Otherwise, it just serves as a calling card, kinda like starting a small flightless bird sanctuary and making sure the sign is printed in kitty.

  2. Just let him know it could have been worse. Two years ago, Naienko and I found a mother cat with a litter of 4 new borns next to our front porch… and we could see the mother cat’s ribs.

  3. That was very well said Jennifer. As always.

    On, and please tell your most talented husband I need to order Lu a couple of belts. She apparently does read my blog after all 🙂

  4. Ferrule’s blanket reminds me of the Bloodblatter Beast of Traal from hitchhiker’s guide. The beast is ferocious but so profoundly stupid that it figures if it can’t see you, then you can’t see it. This is why the prepared hitchhiker carries a towel to throw over the beast’s head so it will believe– in blindness– that it has not been seen. Same dif, yeah?

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