How To Stop Mass Shootings

I’m just really not feeling it today*, but he says it well as always.

*If the stomach bug wasn’t enough, the trampling of rights certainly didn’t improve anything.

3 thoughts on “How To Stop Mass Shootings”

  1. There is some bug running around here too. I hope you feel better soon. If it matters I don’t think the Constitution is down and out yet. We must be vigilant.

  2. I keep saying this. It will work:

    You are responsible for your well-being, along with your family and your charges. This includes adequate defense for same. (Subset of well-being.)

    If people took responsibility for defending themselves (defending their well-being), how many idiots would dare try to be “mass shooters”? Fewer than now, I assure you. And those few that dared would very quickly get their asses handed to them.

    It comes down to this: Personal responsibility. That’s it. Period.

  3. Hank nailed it.

    My favorite example of this is when the Dalton gang attempted to rob the bank in Coffeyville, Kansas and they got the hell shot out of them not by the Marshall, but by the towns folk who ran and got their guns while the Dalton’s were stealing the money.

    When they came out of the bank, the people were ready for them.

    Now THAT is taking personal responsibility.

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