Another Photo Entry!

Local friend, Old Chief sent in this awesome shot of his niece test firing a Glock 26.  Click the link to his blog, he’s got a lovely family there.

7-15-2012 004

Nicely done! And remember, get your entries in to win your very own copy of Glock: The Rise of Americas Gun.

9 thoughts on “Another Photo Entry!”

  1. The cover on that box was upside down. About half way through our session one of the employees noticed it and came in and flipped it back the way it belonged.

  2. I was actually looking at a 26 as an alternative to my 36 (9×19 is cheaper to feed than .45ACP), but I think I’m going for the 19 instead. The 26 would need grip extensions to feel like my 36 and the 19 doesn’t.

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