I’ll Not Rejoice

I’ll not rejoice if your delusions come crashing down.  I’ll not celebrate the day you discover that evil comes in many forms and will use any tool available. I hope that day never comes. Truly, I hope you live out all of your days in blissful ignorance and die peacefully in your old age.

  Honestly, I wish you comfort and peace while you wish for my death.

I do not have the luxury of such childish beliefs. You see, I understand that the world is not a safe place and that we, as humans, are fragile creatures.

I was 16 years old the day my school bus was shaken on the highway.  I saw the ashes of 168 lives rise into the air. 19 of those lives snuffed out had not yet reached their 6th birthday. Terror wrought by a man bent on evil using a rental truck and fertilizer. I only wish he’d chosen to use a gun instead.

I was younger than that when I sat up all night with a friend. A man bent on violence had decided he wanted her body and didn’t let her refusal to give it stop him. He used nothing other than brute force.

I’ve looked into the eyes of evil myself, and I hope you never do. I do not have the luxury of trusting in the mercy of demons and response time of law enforcement. I hope your faith in these things is never tested or tried.

I wish your arrogance and fixation didn’t get in the way of logic. I wish you possessed the maturity to understand. But you don’t, and so I hope against hope that your bubble is never broken. Violence and evil is visited on those who can’t resist at far higher rates than upon those who can. I will not delegate my defense to the benevolence of strangers.

You say guns are designed to kill, but I know from experience that there are those in this world that deserve no better than death. I hope I never have to deliver it.

No one has the right to hurt innocent people. We all have the right to defend our lives against those who would deprive us of them. The tool is irrelevant. Gun control is the pretty blinder used to lead sheep to the slaughter.

29 thoughts on “I’ll Not Rejoice”

  1. Jennifer – I applaud your gentle but firm responses to that mean-spirited individual. Such people justify their viciousness by believing that everyone is likewise a conduit of impotent rage who could not responsibly defend themselves if they had the means. Here’s to a soft answer that turneth away wrath. And backing it up with a big stick, just in case.

  2. a gun is made to kill, The gun laws are so screwed. there was only one mass murder outside a #GunfreeZone

    Does this buckethead even realize what he’s saying? T3H 1R0NY…1T 8UUURRRN55!!! 😕

  3. The complete lack of any reality based logic in those anti-gun tweets has me facepalming..

    As for evil existing I’ve always believed it, but nothing brings it home like looking into the eyes of someone who hates the infidel and seeing there the wish for my death. Shook me to my core and changed quite a bit about the way I think.

  4. Well said – few who have had the misfortune of coming face to face with evil can let themselves be deluded in the way that Ross seems to have.

    And, as to your story about staying up all night with your friend…I just wanted to say thank you to you for that, because I know how much it probably meant to her. I remember an awful night in my own past, when the knife-nick on my throat was still oozing and I couldn’t get the feeling of his hands out of my mind and the smell of him off my skin, and someone was willing to be a good enough friend to be there for me like that. It’s probably one of the reasons I’m still alive today.

  5. I live not far from the Pentagon and drive past it on occasion. I well remember driving past in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and seeing the shroud covering the shattered wall. A man from my company was in one of the Twin Towers in NYC on the day of the attack. His remains were never found.

    I’ve never been a direct victim of such evil, but seeing up close was quite enough. I’ll carry my sidearm in my own defense, thanks.

  6. I have had people tell me that I have no right to take anothers life away even if they wish to do harm to me, REALLY. They enter my home and try to do harm to my kids and I they are making that choice not I. I have come face to face with evil I am 5*4 and was attacked and left by 3 men, I refuse to be a victim again.

  7. He doesn’t have to worry about being a victim of violence. All he has to do is do the real-life equivalent of the wink-smile emoticon and I’m sure he becomes indesctructible.

    I try to be as reasonable as you are when talking to boneheads like this, but dang it’s really hard.

  8. I’m convinced the majority of anti-gunners are simply projecting their own instabilities and ineptitude onto the rest of society. They are too arrogant to admit that everyone else isn’t just like the person in the mirror.

  9. nice to hear all you like to murder people and can gather round about the children you want to kill on this very blog 😉

    1. Is everyone in your country so disconnected from reality? I guess a subject such as yourself can’t wrap his tiny little mind around personal sovereignty without inferring something ludicrous like violence.

    2. Anybody who can actually say “Nice to hear you like to murder people,” talk about WANTING to kill children, and then end it with a winkie-smiley is a SICK AND DISGUSTING individual. That goes for Ross the Political AND Anti-Murder America both. You’re both sociopaths reveling in the blood of the innocent and longing for more.

      Both of these individuals obviously want guns off the streets so they can murder and rape women and children without any fear of reprisal. Is there any way they can be reported to the appropriate authorities for an investigation? It should be clear to anybody they’re mentally unstable in a very real and dangerous way.

      Please Jennifer, for the safety of the rest of us, report this guy.

  10. Its a well known fact that Americans have an inferiority complex personality. Owning a gun gives them a false sense of power over others. Jordan

    People like guns because they like the fact that they have power over someone else and that they can kill someone else if they had the chance, they like that they can be the most powerful person in the room the second they walk in and the only person in the room in the next even if it means a child.

    1. So, who’s the most powerful person in the room if everyone in the room has a gun?

      Something else: If it’s true that Americans like the fact that they have power because they can kill someone, how’s that a “false sense of power over others”?

      And why is it that there are 140 million or so gun owners in the United States and more than 300 million guns in private hands, but only about 30,000 people are killed with guns each year and more than 2/3 of those are young men with criminal records and gang involvement killing other young men with criminal records and gang involvement? And why did no less of a source than the US Department of Justice in 1994 conclude that there are about 1.2 million crimes each year stopped by law abiding citizens with firearms?

      Doesn’t seem much like logic or evidence support your theory.

  11. “Take away guns, won’t give people the choice to kill”

    Man…musta been nice, 400 years ago, when there were no guns, no wars, no Roman coliseums and games, no territorial battles, no Huns sweeping down from the plains, no Iron Age or Bronze Age and swords or axes or spears or bows….man, we had a veritable Utopia there, and a couple of hunters had to screw it up just so they could brag about bagging another buffalo. Darn human race.

    One of the biggest problems with the anti-gun crowds’ arguments is that the ones that involve the hippyism “why cant we all just get along” all ignore the one basic fundamental: human nature.

    I’m done now. Off to drag out my bongos and tie-dyed clothing….at which point I shall set up the bongos as targets and ventillate them by the light of the burning bell-bottoms.

  12. Jennifer,your responses to the tweets sounded calm and confident,unlike his,which sounded childish and uninformed.You know,anytime a child begins to lose an argument they turn to name calling and threats.You are a good representative for all us quiet gun owners who don’t grandstand,just mind our own business,and protect what’s ours.Bill

  13. I only hope Ross never knows of the paralyzing fear of having a stalker and not knowing if/when he will show up at your house. I hope he never has to learn to identify co-worker’s by the sound of their footsteps or what vehicle they drive so he is not surprised by an unwanted person. On the other hand, maybe that would force him to face reality that sometimes there are people much larger/stronger than he intent on doing him harm.

    1. As bad as this is going to sound, I disagree with you. It would be a hard and terrifying lesson, but it’s a lesson he obviously needs to learn, and nothing else is going to do it. I hope he ends up on the wrong end of a stalking or kidnapping case.

      Words and reasoned discourse are ideal, but sometimes the only way to knock some sense into someone is a 2×4 upside the head.

  14. Jennifer, you do well! “Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore, get wisdom, but, with all thy getting, get understanding” Prov.4:7 You obviously have!

    As to the ACTUAL problem, (concerning firearms of ALL types), it is NOT possession of one, that is the problem, it is the spirit driving [motivating] the owner.

    And that can’t be “controlled”, outside of the individual…even drugs simply either isolate the individual, mentally, or greatly confuse the impulses, causing the frustration to build, and then, when the drugs are removed…BOOM! (i.e.: Klebold & Harris?).

    LAWS achieve nothing effective in solving the actual problem, since it’s NOT a LEGAL problem, it’s a spiritual one. And I’m NOT just speaking about Biblical matters, but human reality of thought & motive, and desires. NONE of those are visible, yet they are more seriously at the core of the problem than ANYone is admitting.

    Why do “they” {anti-gunners”) not approach THAT portion of the problem?

    Because they, them selves, are NOT SERIOUS about SOLVING a problem,…(not this one, anyway),…they’re simply utilizing it as a vehicle to achieve their ULTIMATE GOAL…find means to give them control…be it greater (Dictators etc.), or lesser (‘control freaks’ due to inferiority complexes, weakness, and inadequacy problems), nonetheless, it’s about control & gaining power over others.

    That is why Sen.s Fienstien & Pelosi find no contradiction nor hypocrisy in the fact that they BOTH have (“constantly on them”), concealed weapons, and, use ‘armed protectors’. They simply do NOT care about guns…it’s just that guns offer one of the best and quickest methods for subjugating the populace…study Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. Truthfully, logic is NOT a weapon against them…ONLY (firstly, peacefully voting them out — secondly Legally removing them), ULTIMATELY, [the very reason they are fighting to rid the Nation of firearms, is the FINAL solution to their perfidiousness]! God forbid they push us to THAT solution!!

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