Gun Rights Cake

LawDog has reposted and expanded on one of the best analogies I’ve seen on gun control. Go and read it.

Guns are really irrelevant in the argument.  We want to protect our rights and freedom.  They want control. Guns do not have rights, you do.

3 thoughts on “Gun Rights Cake”

  1. I’ve been using his original post an awful lot lately.

    I swear the next person to tell me we need to compromise I going to ask what are they going to give us we want. National reciprocity? Repeal Hughes? Repeal NFA? Reclassify suppressors to not be NFA? Remove the additional burden on FFLs created in 94 allowing for more FFLs to be doing record keeping?

    If they actually brought something to the table they would give it would be a compromise, without anything it’s merely stealing cake.

  2. Genius post. I’d never seen it, so thanks for the heads up, Jennifer. When I hear the Left use the words “Reasonable” and “Compromise” and “National Conversation” I can’t help but think of Inigo Montoya:

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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