Portrait of a Good Victim

They don’t tell us much about her, actually. Maybe she wasn’t compliant. What we do know is that she wasn’t shot and she didn’t shoot him either. And this

The woman had bruises on her face, head, torso, arms and legs, as well as bite marks, broken ribs and a collapsed lung, the report states.

As Hall was being booked into the Tulsa Jail, officers reportedly recovered from his pocket a piece of the woman’s ear.

Do not think for a moment that evil does not exist. Here is a man capable of doing this to the mother of his child. With nothing more than his hands and teeth.

And then there is this man. (h/t Rachel Lucas) Law enforcement had the luxury of being just seconds away and yet he pushed his own grandmother into a wall in order to attack his ex-girlfriend right there in the courtroom. Bet the judge didn’t even have to consider whether or not to approve her paper armor.

Hands. Feet. The hope of rescue.  This is what those pushing for gun control would leave us. Be a good victim and maybe, just maybe, your attacker will leave you maimed with a collapsed lung.  If you’re very lucky, you’ll be able flag down help.

They tell me that by bringing a gun I’m doing nothing more than escalating the violence. I intend to introduce as much defensive violence to the situation as I possibly can in order to rapidly de-escalate the predatory violence. Because I don’t want them to find my ear in an attacker’s pocket. If that’s escalation, so be it. My life is worth protecting with deadly force. I have no intention of being a good victim.  I will not be complaint and well behaved.

7 thoughts on “Portrait of a Good Victim”

  1. One of the Matt Helm novels, when somebody bitched at Helm for being ‘too violent’ in a matter, he said(close as I can recall) “All anyone has to do to get along with me is leave me and mine alone. But if the open the door to violence, they’ve got no right to complain if more walks through than they were counting on.”

  2. This is what is being ‘ignored’ in the bigger picture… They, I believe, could actually care less about the women… dammit…

  3. +1 to what Old NFO said. I believe it is even worse they could care less about any one who is not like them. They are trying to create the Middle Ages again where no one but the rich and powerful are safe.

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