Adjusting My Tin Foil Hat

All of you people claiming that Sandy Hook didn’t happen, and it’s some government conspiracy should seriously shut your traps.  You aren’t helping.  You look like lunatics. Stop.

It happened. It sucks and it is awful.  We aren’t getting a consistent story, but you just look monstrous pretending that their grief is manufactured.

And since you people are incapable of letting something like this go, let me spitball a plausible theory for you to investigate.

Horrible, terrible, awful things happened.  Period. People in a state of such dramatic grief are, at least temporarily, mentally broken. Shattered, in fact. Can you even imagine dropping your kindergartner off at school only to have them never come home again? Or pick up your daughter that was the only survivor in her class because she played dead under the bodies of her friends? I lost sleep the first time my son came home with a bullying story.

So here’s an excellent opportunity to ‘be helpful.’

Yes, every statement we’ve heard has sounded coached. My husband posted the only full transcript of the ‘heckling’ video that I have seen. It’s odd.  Yes, most of it can be written off to the fact that he is not a public speaker and he is still in the midst of unfathomable grief.

Take a mental leap with me, if you will.

Something awful that just happens to potentially add the emotional gravity to push people in your direction.  How do you get them there? It’s not like you can just hand them a sheet of talking points.  No, you insert yourself under the guise of wanting to ‘help’. You send fully paid for grief counselors. Sure they come from your team equipped with your talking points.  Everyone wants someone to blame.  Your counselors tell them where to direct their grief.

When I was in the 8th grade, the father of a close friend died suddenly. A grief counselor taped a 2 liter bottle to the floor in my friend’s bedroom and told her to direct her rage at it.  It took several bottles before she exhausted her body and it was clear her rage was still not satisfied.

What if someone directed it at gun owners? Gently, of course.

Particular congress-critters want these people to testify before Congress. This would be intimidating if you hadn’t just lost a child.  So a ‘benevolent’ organization offers a speech coach. I am professional voice talent and yet I am still less than comfortable speaking in front of a group.  I’m the antithesis of shy, but if I was mid-crisis, I’d be relieved to work with some kind of coach when asked to speak to such an illustrious body.  And I’m weird.  Seriously.  There’s video evidence of me singing about the founder of the company I work for getting run over by a truck with said founder, his wife, and children in attendance.

Just imagine someone less brave. Someone that is in the thick of the worst thing ever.  They’d be glad. Grateful that someone will help them find their voice to do something.

If you must jump at all the shadows, chase this one. Who generously jumped in to help? Who offered counseling and coaching at no cost to the victims?

Should we change our strategy?

I am not and will not ever endorse brainwashing with our side. But what if we offered to pay for them to see the counselor of their choice.  Yes, we can give suggestions.  What if we offered the shield from Congressional testimony? You don’t talk until you are ready.  Not hosed and coached and brainwashed, but actually ready?

12 thoughts on “Adjusting My Tin Foil Hat”

  1. One thing that I believe is that there is a good chance of there being parents that have been planted into the legitimate grieving parents. This allows the Whitehouse to spin the conversation on guns with precision. I don’t think that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged, but I do believe that it has been managed.

  2. Apparently you have not see all the evidence,CNN aired what they called live footage of Sandy Hook but in fact it was footage of a active shooter drill from near by St.Rosa pre school compare the landscape of the two schools they do not match @

  3. I’ve never seen the point in latching on to fringe reasons (conspiracy theories) for disliking the current crop of idiots in charge. There are so many valid and clear-cut reasons to have a problem with what they are doing that I could easily exhaust myself just trying to focus on those – without coloring into the margins. Besides… I’m a pretty firm believer that it’s impossible to keep a major secret involving more than an extremely small number of people.

    What did Ben Franklin say? Three people can keep a secret, but only if two of them are dead? Something like that.

    And yeah… the Left never passes up an opportunity to swoop in and get as much mileage from any situation that they can. Even if it means preying on people at their weakest moment.

  4. I don’t think it didn’t happen.

    But because I live in Florida, I didn’t see it happen or know anyone who did. I don’t know or talk to anyone whose life was directly affected.

    The people I first heard about it from, The Media, have been caught making shit up to their own ends how many times now? Believing what they say is not my go-to reaction anymore.

  5. Honestly, Jennifer, it never even occurred to me…
    Brilliant idea.

    Also, I think I speak for most of us when I say (regarding the singing) “Video, or it didn’t happen!”

  6. I do not know, the videos raise some very good questions assuming their evidence is factual as I did not watch any if the footage or check the Facebook pages created four days before or the schools memorial page setup the day before. And, I am not going too, the full true will come out in time because no amount of money could keep everyone quiet forever. But, gets me is the fact that this is being used for gun control. Seems congress and the President forget that he broke several laws before he even got to the school if I understand the story correctly (ever changing). If someone is going to do something like this then, a law preventing it is not going to stop them. Just look at Chicago.

  7. Thank you for writing this. Something happened, we just don’t know what, or how, or who is ultimately responsible. We may never know.

  8. My favorite tinfoil hat theory is that the shooter (refuse to say his name) was actually prepped and pushed and prodded by the .GOV into doing what he did, just so they could start cranking out the gun controlz For The Childrenz ™. Sorta all Manchurian Candidate style. Whatever happened, though, I’ll believe the MainlySewageMedia when Jesus Christ Himself comes down and anchors, with archangels out in the field and cherubs toting the cameras. Until then…

    Heck…have they even decided whether an AR was used, or if it was handguns and the AR was in the trunk (they’re more dangerous there, apparently), or if it was another long gun in the trunk….? My question is, if they’re admitting that no AR was used in the shooting…why are they trying to ban it?

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