Fight? Um, Sensationalizing Much?

So I brought up the daily headlines and saw this

Soldier's widow fights to get husband's K-9 partner
Soldier’s widow fights to get husband’s K-9 partner

Ratchet up the indignant rage! How dare the evil city leaders deny this poor, grieving wife of a hero the company and comfort of his canine companion! Just who is the mayor of this cruel city? Where’s the petition so I can satiate my anger with a token gesture? We cannot stand for this! Oh the injustice!

Obviously, I clicked the link.

The mayor said Prince’s chance of getting Bayco is 99.9 percent.

Oh yes.  Fight the power. The evil .1%. Occupy Minco.

You know, I would have clicked the link if the headline had implied heart-warming story about a police dog becoming the pampered pet of a grieving widow. Now I’ve got all this indignant rage built up with nothing to direct it at.

And a blog post, so I guess it was good for something.


7 thoughts on “Fight? Um, Sensationalizing Much?”

  1. Wow. You know, I’m starting to feel the rage, myself, just from that screenshot! Its almost like the media goes out of its way to twist and warp and manipulate events/stories/facts!

    …oh…wait….they do.

  2. It’s hard to get a more irritating example of this than “Sweeps Month” for the TV news, which is going on now. Its the time of year when you see lots of teasers for the nightly news along the lines of:

    “There’s soemthing in your kitchen that could KILL YOUR FAMILY. Find out what it is, tonight at 10.”

    Then when you tune in its some lame story about how if you drop an egg on the floor you could slip on it and break your neck.

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