When The Police Get “Tense”

So the LAPD is understandably tense in light of recent events. Credible death threats from Piers Morgan’s biggest fan can do that to people. Thankfully, they are professionals and would never let on the job stress make them do something reckless with their firearms. The “Only Ones” qualified to have access to guns would never be jumping at shadows.

Surely they wouldn’t ever open fire on two innocent women on a paper route driving a completely different truck.


I feel so much safer now.  Don’t you?

Dear LAPD,

Recoil therapy is a great stress reliever. Next time, try it without the innocent bystanders down range.






14 thoughts on “When The Police Get “Tense””

  1. Man….there is so much “fail” in that article that it overbalanced my monitor and knocked it over. My neighbors, up to three doors down, all spontaneously face-palmed without knowing why.

  2. You know they did that twice? It is only in the news in a couple of places, but there were two separate incidents close in proximity to each other. The other incident resulted in no one getting injured, but still. How is that not making bigger news?

  3. Report (as of last version) says 6-7 LAPD Officers (assigned to watch the residence of someone listed on Dorner’s manifesto) see the pickup headed their way and – for whatever reason – open up on it. The residence they’re watching is on the Torrance/Redondo border. Torrance PD responds to the “shots fired” call and they see another vehicle coming from that location that is vaguely truck-shaped enough that they decide it’s a threat, whereupon they light it up in similar fashion to the newspaper delivery vehicle…

  4. The ROE in Afghanistan are more stringent than on the streets of California.

    The worst thing is that the officers involved will likely not be punished in any manner. They will get a few weeks of paid administrative leave (darn, no overtime during the big manhunt), be retrained, then be back to work. If there is a lawsuit, the bill will be paid by the taxpayers.

    Being a hero means accepting some personal risk to protect the innocent. When “officer safety” trumps everything else, including the rights and lives of innocents, you are not a hero. You are a mercenary doing a job that may involve violence for money. I say that harsh truth as someone who has been armed in a security role myself.

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