So Colorado Wants Magpul’s Money, Just Not Their Products

So, let me get this straight. The Colorado legislature is about to pick an arbitrary number of rounds that the dangerous citizens of Colorado can be trusted to have in a single magazine. Unless, of course, said citizen happens to wear a badge for a living.  Or if the magazine is oldish ’cause you can totally tell the difference.

Magpul is a company that makes magazines of a greater capacity than the arbitrary number, aka evil. They also happen to be located in Colorado where they provide 600 jobs and $85 million in taxable revenue to the state.

So the Colorado legislature added an exemption as a desperate ploy to keep Magpul’s dirty money flowing into their coffers. The proposed legislation would allow Magpul to continue to manufacture evil, dangerous magazines and sell them to anyone willing to buy them.  Provided, of course, said person does not reside in the state of Colorado. Because the people of Colorado can’t be trusted, I guess.  And would never travel outside of the state and purchase evil, dangerous magazines there.

People of Colorado, your representatives are poised to decide that some animals are more equal than others, guess which kind they think you are?

El Bombadero has the details and contact information for these so called representatives, and he doesn’t even say ‘fuck’ once. You might drop them a line and remind them exactly who they work for.

Or you know, Magpul can come to Oklahoma where the people can be trusted with their products.

11 thoughts on “So Colorado Wants Magpul’s Money, Just Not Their Products”

  1. El Bombadero has the details and contact information for these so called representatives, and he doesn’t even say ‘fuck’ once.

    I salute the man for his superior restraint.

  2. Y’know….

    If I ever won a stupidly big pile of money I’d be sorely tempted to buy a metric butt load of Sooper Evil Mega Kill Assault Clipazines, drive to some state where those better than I get a case of the vapors at the mere existence of said devices of Satan, and sneak around the parking lots of gun shops, ranges, etc leaving them under the wipers of any vehicle with a pro 2A decal.


  3. That bill, and three others including a CCW prohibition on college campuses, passed the house today. On to the Senate. I hope magpul and all their suppliers up and leave, and the NY gun boycott spreads to CO as a result. I wish the best for everyone who is going to suffer for this.

  4. I just have to say this, because I’ve been seeing this response everywhere and it’s killing me. The attitude of “If Colorado doesn’t want you *fill in the blank state* would love to have you” isn’t helping at all. This fight is here, in Colorado right now. If we lose here, your state is next. We need your help. Writing off Colorado as the new California is like retreating further and further into your castle, until soon the enemy is already through your gates and pounding down your bedroom door.

    I appreciate Jennifer linking this story. Not because I want hits, but because we need your support on this issue. This hypocrisy of wanting Magpul to keep their business in Colorado but not their product may just be the part of the legislation that brings this whole thing down. We need to attack, not resolve ourselves to defeat.

    Colorado is not a liberal state. Our legislators our not acting from a mandate. They are acting outside the will of the people. Colorado does not want gun control, our politicians do. Bloomberg is sending lobbying money to this state because he knows this is the front line. 1 year ago we would never have imagined that we’d be having this fight. But here we are. And we need your help. Be vocal, spread the word, contact our politicians and our governor, DO SOMETHING!

    Today the fight is in Colorado, tomorrow it will be your state.

    1. Unless Colorado *reaches* the politicians with California ideals and special interest money in their pockets, then Oklahoma *loses* big time.

      If MagPul were to receive a valid, gracious invitation to move here, that would show the Colorado folk that they are indeed turning their backs on a company — and a concept. Oklahoma would benefit greatly if Colorado refused to create more victims, didn’t create a “predator/victim” border where our states touch. Having Magpul move to Oklahoma is definitely a second-best choice.

      But having Magpul move to Oklahoma would preserve, for Oklahomans at least, access to Magpul’s products without wondering when Bloomberg, et. al., gets their way against legitimate and patriotic bases for gun ownership.

      Then there are the jobs, and the stable, talented, and very much desirable people that Magpul employs.

      No, Colorado can no more afford to lose Magpul and any of their employees than they can afford more intimidation of their citizens over gun ownership. But the direction seems to be streaking toward “California meets New York City, here in Colorado!” And that is just plain bad for America, as well as Oklahoma. Inviting Magpul to another state is just looking to pull what can be salvaged from the tornado’s debris path.

  5. Following the declarations of this travesty of a bill , I sent emails to every rep and congressscritter in Colorado for whom I found a link, telling them (politely) how utterly stupid this plan was and that they were going to force out a productive company – that generates 85 million in annual tax revenue for their state.

    After I did that, I sent emails to all my own reps, asking them to monitor the situation. If Magpul DOES start pulling up stakes, I urged them to actively recruit the company here to OK.

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