New Contest is Created to Break The Law, if HB-1224 is Signed by Gov.

Press Release from Guns For Everyone

Local pro-gun group Guns for Everyone has added a new contest aimed at defying HB-1224, but the new contest will intentionally break the law if HB-1224 is signed by Governor Hickenlooper.

If HB-1224 is signed in to law it would prohibit the transfer of magazines with a capacity higher than 15 rounds. HB-1224 would come into effect on July 1st, 2013 and that is precisely when the group would select a winner. Founders Isaac Chase and Edgar Antillon would risk being charged when they giveaway 30 round Magpul P-Mags.

“We have begun to contact all Sheriffs who said they wouldn’t enforce HB-1224” said Antillon. “Isaac and I are aware of the consequences, but where would President Obama be if Rosa Parks did what she was told.”

“At some point gun owners are going to have to ask themselves how far they’re willing to go to stand up for their rights and against unjust laws. At some point some of us need to put our money where our mouth is. That’s what this is about.  That’s what we’re about,” said Chase “This is civil disobedience. This is us standing up for ourselves and our natural rights.”

Guns for Everyone, like most Coloradans would prefer to remain law abiding citizens, but our elected officials have determined that all gun owners are in fact criminals already by banning objects we own.

The contest does not require much – just get involved one way or another in the fight against HB-1224, and the 3 other anti-gun bills. Somehow prove that involvement. We will also be taking names for the contest at each senate hearing for all 4 bills.

Guns for Everyone has another contest giving away 30 round AK-47 magazines, but the first contest would not break the law.

Spread the word.  Get involved.

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  1. You should organize a mass meeting where everyone got in one big line, like hands across america and pass just on magazine person to person for hopefully thousands of people

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