One Thousand One Hundred and Fifteen

That’s the number of items on a spreadsheet that I just finished hand keying into another system. It would have been faster, except that I missed one of them and had to go back through each individual line to find it.

Now, my eyes are crossed and my fingers have fallen off.  Because this is the life of a high speed low drag accounts receivable supervisor.

Thus, no blog for you for now. Maybe later.

5 thoughts on “One Thousand One Hundred and Fifteen”

  1. You’ve earned a rest.. and so have your fingers 🙂

    My Dad used to tell me stories about the early days of his Office “Automation” – using punched cards. Lots and lots of work, and if you made any error at all you were screwed and had to start over. Can’t backspace over a hole 🙂

  2. Oh the memories! Back in the day I wrote a crap-tom of Lotus 123 macros to automate just such drudge work. These days it’s VBA and Excel in conjunction with PERL to the rescue.

    My heart (and fingertips) go out to you.

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