There Are Limits To “Custom”

In the third bedroom of our little house, EvylRobot makes some pretty wild and interesting custom holsters. There have been hunting rigs designed for hunters that wade through marshes and sparkly rigs for girly girls and everything in between.

But there are limits. I’m sorry, Robb, but that girl’s problem started way before she picked a carry method. And, um no, just no.

7 thoughts on “There Are Limits To “Custom””

  1. ::lightbulb moment:: Ohhh….so THAT’S where the expression “half-cocked” comes from! Gotta think, though, that front sight can’t be all that comfortable. Then again, maybe one of the bags of crack in her…er…crack had a leak, and she didn’t really care what it felt like.

  2. Just a thought — what were the felony weapons charges? Oh, I guess “carrying” without a permit might do. Except she wasn’t in public, she was in her car. And if under the influence, “I forgot” has to be believable when asked to get out of the car, and whether there was a gun in the car. Felony weapons charges seems a frivolous use of laws that were supposed to protect society, and instead are used to hammer people the cops are free, due to victimless crime laws, to chase to their heart’s, and budget’s, content.

    In one sense, “Minding my own business” ought to be good enough to send the cops on their way.

    1. Sadly, in the car counts as in public in Oklahoma. I personally don’t think that one should need a permit to carry a gun in a car. Then again, I personally don’t think that one should need a permit to carry at al.

  3. Brad K.
    The one weapons charge I saw listed was attempting to smuggle a firearm into the county jail. I guess they could charge her for possession of a firearm while committing a felony, ie. possession of a buttload of meth (literally).

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