My Son Is Officially As Tall As I Am

Granted, I’m not exactly tall at 5’4″, but that’s still something of a milestone. Any day now, he’ll be taller. He may already be stronger, but I’m still meaner so it works out. And I still out weigh him, but we don’t have to talk about that.

Just 14 short years from being a tiny 5lbs 12oz baby boy to a strapping young man that speaks in a baritone. This child that I would protect with every fiber of my being can now lift  me off the ground. It’s kind of a sobering thought. He has now reached a point in his development where I must trust that we’ve taught him well. I couldn’t restrain him physically if I wanted to (well maybe, but I’d have to employ some dirty tricks. Not that there has been a need to do so.). His dad still can, but I can’t.

Now, I know my son and trust him to continue on the track he’s been on.  I’m very proud of the man he is growing up to be. He is sweet and gentle and fun to be around. It’s pretty awesome to look eye to eye with this boy that is rapidly becoming a man.

It’s an interesting process, parenting.  When they are small, you are everything to your children. Provider, protector, teacher, enforcer, etc. As they get older, they take on more and more of those responsibilities for themselves.  If we are doing our jobs right as parents, our children will leave our homes holding all their own reigns. Hopefully able to to find their own way with the guidance we’ve given them. One day, it’s sink or swim. As a parent, I pray I’ve taught him the right strokes. I don’t just want him to stay afloat either; I want him to fly.

And one day, I’ll have to let him loose to do it. That day isn’t here yet, but it gets closer every day.


2 thoughts on “My Son Is Officially As Tall As I Am”

  1. Is a sobering day…My eldest passed me when he was about 16 or so and now stands between 6’3″ and 6’4″ (I am a shade under 6′).
    My youngest son, a senior in HS looks me in the eye..
    As for dirty tricks I have picked up from working with LEOs over the years?
    Oh hell ya!!!
    Sound like you have a winner there..

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