My Structure, It Likes You

Or something. Occasionally, I wade through the wonders of my spam trap to see what might have slipped in. And there, hiding among the offers of Real! Designer! Watches! I learn that I’ve become quite sought after in Russia. It’s like my own little not-exactly-literate fanclub. My comments are this color.

Let’s Talk More My Bunny

I’m intrigued.  No one has ever called their bunny before



I have decided to write to you and I think that you will write to me. Oh yeah? Please do not hesitate and write to me. I think that we shall find much in common and we can better and closer learn each other. Learn each other? Um… I hope that I shall see your letter soon and mine of straight line E-mail: As opposed to all those crooked line e-mails <redacted>
you can write to me here and I shall necessarily answer you and to send my photo.

I wait with impatience of your letter. I’m sure you do.

This one’s been doing their research

I found your photos in Internet

No kidding? My picture is in Internet?!? Why was I not informed?


I believe in my luck and I am never tired to explore the world and to look for happy moments. I’d rather find the ridiculous and make fun of it, but I like happy moments too. But I dream of someone to share my luck with!
I love life in its bright colours.
I am an extremely active person who leads a healthy way of life. My hobby is drawing and sport(running). If I am running, that means something scary and probably bullet proof is chasing me.
I am seeking a caring, understanding and honest man.  You can’t have mine. And that is why I have just one question, maybe it’s you ? Damn, those must be some pretty bad pictures in Internet.
Write to me <redacted> if you want to continue exploring with me! 

And I can’t figure out if this is from Dasha or Anna or what

Hello I Dasha. Hi. I Jennifer. My friend I looked your structure. It has very much liked me. Damn that structure. Liking random characters in Internet. I want To correspond with you letters. Well since my structure likes you already, my letters might too, I suppose. I wish to inform directly on myself: My name is Anna. Wait, I thought I was talking to Dasha. You know, the one my structure likes. I was born in the city of Samara, Russia. I here live since a birth. A birth? Your birth? How many times have you been born? Do you get a new name each time? I was born in 1985. To me of 28 years. At me Brown eyes (beautiful.) Are you saying you like my brown eyes? I the blonde. I the brunette. I have no children, but I very much I wish to have the girl and the boy. Are these the chosen ones of your species? Has it been foretold? I think, that children in live-this most Happy. I love various cultures. Bacterial? Children are full of those. They can be fascinating. I like to study history, it to me Very much it is pleasant. Really? Some of the most interesting history comes from hardship and overcoming adversity. I work as the bookkeeper in firm. Is that in Internet? Mine Work very much is pleasant to me. I always thought mine work was rather dirty and grueling, but I’m glad you find it pleasant. Like history. At leisure I like to visit Library to go to cinema, to watch TV, go in sports Hall. Most my hobby is fitness. I very much like to go in for sports, I Much I run in the mornings. What is it with the runners? I The formed woman, has left school on 4 and 5. The formed woman? Out of clay? Mashed potatoes? The liquefied souls of people that answer your messages? Has then acted in University. Has finished it too well. Then I have gone to work. I studied as the bookkeeper. I know English language well enough. Well enough to be in Internet, I suppose. I think, that problems at us with dialogue will not be. I think, differently. I hope, that our dialogue will make sense. And I hope that someone randomly decides to sign over their fortune to me, but I guess that’s business for another e-mail. It would be fine, If I and you could do Friendship or more than simply friendship. Like SuperFriends? With special rings and things? I search Serious attitudes, Oops! and I shall be happy To study you more close. And now I’m worried about that liquification thing again. I’m not going to fit under a microscope in my current state. Will be It is fine, if we can exchange some letters and photos. Write to me what your purposes and plans during the future? I dream of whirled peas. That you search in To the woman? The formed one? I don’t even know what you’re asking here. Inform more on a place Where do you live. I shall look forward to hearing from You.
Write back on e-mail:<redacted>

Ask any questions which interest you. Write to me back, and I I shall inform more on me, my life. Also send my photos.
Kiss from Russia, Dariya Kisses and diarrhea from Russia, awesome.

10 thoughts on “My Structure, It Likes You”

  1. Dasha/Anna/Diarrhea sounds like an…interesting… conversationalist. I think she’s being a bit optimistic about making sense, though.

    Also, ” If I am running, that means something scary and probably bullet proof is chasing me.” THIS IS AN AWESOME QUOTE, CAN I HAVE IT?

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