Entitlement Mentality

This weekend, we headed out to Super Secret range to do some tree trimming and prep work in anticipation of having some friends out next weekend. Hopefully, the woods won’t be inflicting any more paint damage this year. Understand this is private property to which directions include the words “one-half mile after you run out of pavement.” It’s been in the family since before Oklahoma was a state. Even on a work day, it is always nice to just get out there away from the hustle of the city.

So you can imagine our disgust when we arrived at the gate only to find this.image


Just who would do such a thing? Who thinks that any open stretch of land is their own personal dumping ground?

Apparently, Damion does.  Or, at least that was the name on the statement from Assist Wireless.  Oh good, Obamaphone.  Or maybe is was the Amanda B as was listed on the medical statement showing Medicaid had been billed for some kind of treatment rendered to a Colten. None of these people have matching last names, but they do have an address in common. Given the volume of diapers in the pile, I’m assuming there is at least one child at the residence.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a truck, otherwise Damion and Amanda would have gotten a special delivery of their own garbage on their front porch. Instead, they got reported to the local sheriff. And a phone call to that phone you and I are paying for.

These are the ‘less fortunate’ to whom funds are being redistributed. People who think it is perfectly acceptable to leave their trash on someone else’s land. They have a subsidized phone, subsidized health care, and from the looks of the garbage, they get food stamps as well. This is your tax dollars as work.

My friend, Peter, has an excellent post up today about how we got here.

Over the past several decades, ever since President Lyndon B. Johnson‘s ‘War On Poverty‘ and ‘Great Society‘, the US government has engaged in a deliberate, naked, cynical attempt to reshape society by transferring income and assets from the richer sections of society to the poorer ones.  It’s subsidized housing, education, welfare, and many other elements of everyday life.  Today, those programs have expanded out of all recognition.  Subsidized cellphonesbenefitsextended to illegalaliensSNAP (the so-called ‘food stamp program’) expanded to cater for those who would never before have qualified for it . . . the list is almost literally endless.  Every time I think I’ve discovered all the programs like that, I find another one!  I’ve no idea how many there really are.


These programs aren’t helping people. These programs create an entire class of people that don’t contribute, they drain. Not only are they draining your pocketbook, they’re leaving their trash on your lawn. Literally and figuratively.

20 thoughts on “Entitlement Mentality”

  1. They can’t bother to get jobs but they have time to dump their trash on other peoples land way out in the boonies. Unfortunately this isn’t an isolated incident you can dive down any dirt road in rural Oklahoma and see this kind of stuff on any given day.

  2. It’s all part of the Redistribution of Wealth.

    Privileged people like you have all this land out there that’s just going to waste, and poor downtrodden people like Amanda and Damion need a place to get rid of their garbage.

    1+1=UR F***ed

    Instead of being an angry racist 1%er, try having feeeeelings for those poor masses forced to live among their own refuse because of wealthy land-hoggers like yourselves.

  3. I’d have RENTED a truck just to go dump it back on their porch… But that’s just me… Hopefully they get a rather large ticket for it though…

      1. But but but…..
        You’ve got all sorts of scary assault weapons with those high capacity clipazines!

        How did you resist the urge to mow down an inner city prayer meeting?

        It’s unpossible!


  4. Well…..:expletive:. Ya know…its times like this that I really want to say something pithy and cutting and meaningful that will get back to these leeches and trigger some sort of change in their blood-sucking mememememe-ntality. But I know that’s never gonna happen, because to actually stand up and take control of your own life requires backbone, sacrifice, a certain level of balls, and a willingness to work hard in order to save a little. Its times like this that I’m reduced to shaking my head and stifling a sob for the sorry state this country has been dragged down to.

        1. Only if you provide Doritos(tm). Cuz munching along on a bag of Doritos(tm) tells the world (and the judge) that this was not premeditated at all. Especially if you share aforementioned Doritos(tm) with the nice judge.

  5. So will the local PD do anything? I can’t imagine “improper dumping” or somesuch would have the, uh, depositors quaking in their boots. However, maybe a call to the local Social Services office would have more of an impact, or the probation officer if there is one.

  6. I’ve tried charging them with dumping or littering but it rarely sticks. Most of the time they say they paid Sumdood to take their trash to the dumpster, and lo, they didn’t catch Sumdood’s last name…

    I’m lucky enough to have a pickup for a patrol vehicle. I personally deliver the abandoned property to their front yard and leave a business card on the door.

  7. Grandpa George and Daddy Kenneth are rolling over in their graves. Be assured. George settled and “proved up” the land around the turn into the 20th century. There wasn’t any trash there at that time, I’d imagine. And Kenneth was all about conservation even before it was merely a buzzword. Both independent, proud, and above accepting “charity”. Were it only still so with a major part of today’s populace!

  8. These morons seriously dumped paperwork on your land without shredding the personal information first?

    You ought to be able to have a FIELD DAY with this! Cancel or transfer the Obamaphone, have their food stamps sent elsewhere, screw with their Medicare account, etc…

    Keys to the kingdom!

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