Awe, Poor Senator Feinstein

Seems like she won’t be getting her wishlist after all. And this after Senator Cruz made her feel all “patronized” with his arrogant knowledge of the Constitution. All because she wants to ban things because they look scary. And she wants to do that because she once put her finger in the bullet hole inflicted on a colleague by a revolver much like the one carried by…

Diane Feinstein.

Talk about arrogance. Quiet now. Some animals are more equal than others.

Now don’t get your shoulders all out of socket patting yourselves on the back.  Mark my words, they are going to call the removal of DiFi’s ridiculous ‘assault weapons ban’ a compromise. That will be the thing they gave up and so now we are supposed to just roll over and take Universal Registration under the guise of background checks.

As Borepatch pointed out, they’re playing their game a bit differently this time around. They’ve spent quite a lot of political capital on this one with no obvious benefit to them. Maybe they really are that arrogant and out of touch, but I wouldn’t count out the possibility that they’ve got something else planned. They don’t tend to sacrifice their lambs so flippantly.

6 thoughts on “Awe, Poor Senator Feinstein”

  1. It definitely did not feel like a victory of any kind. I like it, but I can’t imagine it’s the end of anything.

  2. Agreed. I rejoice that she got spanked like that, but I also realize that there’s always agendas within agendas, and while the left hand flops and twitches and moans, the right hand is quietly slipping your wallet out of your pocket…

  3. Common knowledge has it that Feinswine’s bill is cover for Schumer’s sneaky “background check” bill. That one sounds harmless enough, especially against Feinstein’s gun grab, but he’s loaded it with universal registration, and all manner of traps meant to ensnare the gun owner in felonies, thus disqualifying him for 2A rights.

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