Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death

I’d like to intruduce the newest addition to out household.

Meet Liberty

S&W ar15

She’s a Smith and Wesson M&P 15.  And she’s posing here with Rapture.  She’s the one outfitted with the fabulous rhinestone sling.  A girl’s got to accessorize.

and again without the flash.

More pictures are forthcoming.  Certainly including the obligatory of hubby and I posing with the twins.  They won’t be twins forever though.  Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death”

  1. I told Jenni that we could bedazzle her rifle if she wanted to. That would be horrid! I’ve been looking at the Duracoat products. They look pretty nice and easy to use. Since Jenni won the fistfight, she gets the new gun this time around. Stay tuned for mods to Rapture!

  2. Jenni won the fist fight??? I’m embarrassed to say I know you now, Michael.

    I’m glad that I married a sane woman who realizes that basic black goes with everything

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