I Can Always Tell

When a dancing monkey has left their pie hole flapping.

Keep it up Jim Carrey, your moronic comments are great for blog traffic!

So the guy that’s famous for talking out his ass is talking out his ass and making dick jokes. I would wish for a vaccine against such mind-blowing stupidity, but he wouldn’t get it anyway.



7 thoughts on “I Can Always Tell”

  1. The funny part is he is pissing off the very folks that PAY to go see his schlock movies… Hope it bites him square in the pocketbook. And he’s Canadian to boot, so where does he get off telling US about OUR laws???

  2. I have never liked Jim Carrey,or his movies,or celebrities that think we care what their politics are.So,I’m completely uninterested in him now-except to wonder,who does care what he thinks ,and why?
    Shut up and dance,indeed.

  3. Never saw the appeal behind 99% of his movies. The “Dumb and Dumber” movies were funny the first time I saw them, then just got annoying. If I want stupid humor, I’ll go for a classic like “Spaceballs” or “Strange Brew”. You (tentatively) entertain people, Mr. Carrey. This does not make you an expert on anything other than standing up and acting for a camera. And based on your movies….you’re not even an expert on that.

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