Orange You Glad We’re Still Friends

Gasp! Horror! Someone on the internet un-circled me! Truly, it must be the end of the world complete rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth!

Or maybe I just can’t string random, bitchy trolls along very well. I should be honest here and admit that I started it. You see, in my enjoyment of a lovely spring day, I posted the following picture.

With the caption: Spring! Time for yellow snakeskin stilettos and an orange skirt

Dastardly, I know. And yes, if you are following me on the book of face, you saw the same photo and caption there with hilarious commentary thanks to Bonnie (fully funded FTW).

But such fun was not to be as I offended someone’s lack of fashion sense.


Que the butt hurt! Funny enough, I went to check this person’s profile to figure out who on earth she was and her tagline reads “NO BULLIES ALLOWED!!!”

Ha! Because telling someone their outfit belongs on a kid’s cartoon or in a rainbow is how perfectly reasonable people behave in society. If you can’t say anything nice, then make sure you say it on the internet.

Also from her profile

I like to debate so it’s welcome on my profile, just..  Let’s try to keep it civil.  No name-calling or insults.  Stick to the subject please.
*NOTE:  I’m SERIOUS on this.  NO PERSONAL ATTACKS or you WILL be blocked and if it’s serious, REPORTED!*
As I stated above, I am completely honest and unafraid to show my thoughts and feelings.  If you can’t take the truth then you probably shouldn’t start a discussion with me or ask my opinion on something.  🙂
I know, it’s the internet where someone can claim their own misguided opinion as if it were “truth” and “honesty” and use it to personally attack someone, claim to welcome debate, and then pack up their toys and refuse to play anymore when they are called out. Just so you know, opinion does not equal truth no matter how authoritatively you state it.
For the record, I don’t mind if you don’t like my outfits. You don’t have to.  I dress for me. The outfit was cute, and I will probably wear it again once weather permits. Internet troll be dammed! You are welcome to share your opinion in a respectful manner. Be a bitch, and I will treat you accordingly. And as an added bonus, I get blog content out of the adventure!



30 thoughts on “Orange You Glad We’re Still Friends”

  1. Orange? Perhaps it’s the shade, but your skirt looks more red than orange. It works, though.

    Any chance we could see the full ensemble?

  2. Always find it entertaining when someone offers personal opinion as stated fact or reality. Now had she explained “why” orange and yellow doesn’t work, it might be a different debate.

    I don’t often have people ‘unfriend’ me but when they do, I find it for the best. Simply means I don’t have to worry about offending the perpetually offended as often.

    (By the way, I’ve been a dad WAY TOO LONG. My first thought when I saw the pic was someone was going to take you to task for how short it was. Yeah, I knew perspective and all makes a huge difference but that is my default after raising a daughter.) 🙂

  3. I like the color combo and the gams. I love how people think their opinion if “honest” means it can be presented in any fashion. First, unless your opinion is asked for keep to yourself and second when giving an opinion don’t be an ass.

  4. This is the sort of thing where I’ve noticed I am different than others before. I don’t like yellow shoes, and I don’t buy them. Not once have I proposed that others should not like them, buy them or wear them.

    I also realize that this makes me unable to honestly answer the question, “do these yellow shoes go with my orange skirt?” Even if warm colors are complimentary (and they are) those are yellow shoes and I don’t think they go with ANYTHING. But that’s MY prejudice talking.

    I have learned the actual fashion rules and have also learned to give answers along those lines than my personal preferences. Along those lines the yellow here is a bit too bright to go with the tone of that skirt unless there’s a correspondingly bright top, which is not shown.

    I guess I should unfriend Jennifer now?

    I am McThag, heterosexual gay man…

    1. See, this is how you voice dissent. You don’t have to like it. I appreciate your input.

      The skirt is actually brighter than the picture shows due to lighting and was paired with an equally bright yellow top. Honestly, I wasn’t even making at attempt at accurately documenting my outfit as it wasn’t the point of the sentiment anyway.

      Please don’t unfriend me. I’ve no use for an echo chamber or yes men;)

  5. Heh. I figured long ago that there are way too many “fashion rules” to remember, so I pared a few of them down. My list of rules is now composed of:

    1. Is it comfortable?

    See? Much easier to remember. And yeah, I’m the guy who’s gone to work in brown Keen low-top shoes, white ankle socks, khaki cargo pants (actually…I don’t own any other color/style), brown leather belt (with various black accoutrements attached to said belt), and tan button-up shirt (over stained, holed white-ish wifebeater). Co-worker took one look at me and said “aaaugh! Brown!” I looked at her and said “Aaah. Comfy!”

    I am RabidAlien, simple-minded man.

  6. See this is exactly why I have to get back to Myface or something. Me? Fashion? I wish they made Geranimals for old dudes=). Back in the day it was easy. Match zebra logoed shirt with zebra logoed pants and ta da! Good to go!

  7. Given that I haven’t paid money for a t-shirt in years (exception for the York Arms T I just got) and the rest of my wardrobe is dependent on my getting gift cards to Cabelas and the like I’ll refrain from commenting on fashion.

    As for people on the internet spouting opinion as Fact….
    I encourage them.
    Keeps ’em occupied and uses time they’d otherwise spend working on passing laws about how long the grass in my yard can get and such like.


  8. An open letter to the spectrum and the color-wheel:
    It has been emphatically stated that orange and yellow don’t look good together. Who asked? Apparently some dildo-juggling thunder-bitch who hates to see a hot woman in hot colors enjoying herself. After you’ve made new, separate seating arrangements for yellow and orange on the spectrum and color wheel, would you guys be sure to pass word about the orange/yellow moratorium to all those tasteless nasturtiums, roses, marigolds, freesia and any other flower which neets these criteria? Pumpkins shall be banned forthwith! Scour the oceans for the immediate harvest and euthanizing of oodles of tropical fish. I’m so glad we finally got the memo so that nature can finally stop “delighting” us with this vulgar, impossible combination of colors. If you need me, I’ll be on the deck slurping down the last tequila sunrise.
    Bottoms up!

  9. I can’t believe all the other men in this thread (and in this crowd!) commented and left me the money quote…

    I’ll be in my bunk.

    (With no disrespect meant to Evyl, of course)

    1. I’m more surprised there are men commenting on fashion, period. I’m guessing it has to do with the aforementioned gams.

  10. Erin, most of us are older, and a tiny bit wiser. We are all looking for a way to say that Jennifer could rock a paper sack and Viet Cong sandals while simultaneously conveying that we recognize that Jennifer is the Jennifer we know and love in many ways because she has Michael.

    It’s a hard line to walk, but we “men of a certain age” have come to realize that most women radiate

  11. See why we talk about shoes? I say something like “Jennifer is awesome in large part because Michael helps her be awesome” and you try to be naughty with it.

    Please report for your spanking.

  12. This particular pose is a classic Rite of Spring, and I believe in encouraging it whenever possible. (Besides, it’s a nice citrus-y combination, and fruit is good for you, right?)

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