Meet Sam and Help Kids With Cancer

Remember this?

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Yeah, you do. I did that for Madison and her mom. Madison’s battle is over, and she’s beyond any pain and suffering now. But I didn’t just do it for Madison.  I did it for kids like Sam.

You don’t know Sam? Well here’s his story.

I learned about Sam from a good friend of Sam’s dad, you all know him as MsgtB.

Sam’s dad thinks his mustache is only worth $500. I say F* that noise. As of this writing, he’s already doubled that. I think we can do better.

Sam’s going to get better. He’s going to have many years before he meets Madison. St. Baldricks funds the research to help kids beat cancer. That buys you enough karma points to go kick some puppies and tease some kittens with your tuna sandwich.

His donation link is here.


5 thoughts on “Meet Sam and Help Kids With Cancer”

  1. There’s always so much need out there. If the damn .gov would quit taking my cash to pay for so much BS I bet we all could do so much more.

    Going to donate come payday.

    #$%ing cancer.

  2. Thank you Jennifer, for sharing this. Thank’s to all of you strangers who have opened your hearts and wallets. The Magnum is NOT happy.
    Thanks again, Jay Hutchinson, father of Sam.

  3. Will have to discuss donating with the boss (er….wife), funds are tighter than a librarian’s bun right now. But will repost on our blog, just in case both of our readers haven’t already made donations.

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