Stolen!  It was stolen again!

I left for the weekend (pictures here), and they took it!

Bastards.  They stole the hour yet again.  I thought I could escape by watching sunsets and sleeping under a sky like this.

ripples in the sky

But they still got it.  Michael even had a lady friend helping with sighting in the new dissaptor conversion

Michael's lady friend

She may be cute, but she’s a predator, make no mistake.

And she recognizes a great tool when she sees one.

Rapture's target

Later, I tried to scare them away with a fire dragon

fire dragon

And yet, in the morning, although the impossibly blue sky denied it, the hour had been stolen

blue sky

Heidi tried to stand guard.  Maybe we need a bigger guard dog.

standing guard

But Liberty and I are at the ready.  We will get that hour back if it takes until fall!


It may take many trips to the woods and many rounds of ammuntion, but the hour will be regained!

One thought on “Chrononappers!”

  1. Join my conspiracy! At 2:00AM, November 1, 2009 we will steal our hour back!

    “They” can only stop us if we are not united! We will FALL BACK!

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