No! No! No! No!

Seriously? Meggings?

To all the men in the world (wait, if you need me to tell you this, you aren’t a man), if Russel Brand is doing it, you shouldn’t.

Russel Brand in Male Leggings

No.  Just no.   We’ve talked previously about guy-liner and manscara.

But the article says

After the success of the skinny jean it was only a matter of time before fashion went even further and now the male legging or ‘megging’ is tipped to be the next big thing for any man worth his style salt

For the love of Dirty Harry, STOP!  This isn’t funny anymore.  Do you know what that does to the package?  Makes it look non-existant.  But unfortunately, it’s like a train wreck and I just have. to. look.


Society needs more men.  And I mean men, not feminized caricatures of men.  Argh!!!

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18 thoughts on “No! No! No! No!”

  1. Oh my God. Just last month, it was “mantyhose.” Now it’s “meggings.” Further proof of the continued pussification of America. As for me, I like my pants with lots of room to move, if you know what I mean.

  2. Good Lord, woman! Why do you hate us so much that you would put that image there without any kind of warning at all!!!

    Next time that should be below the fold and a warning label slapped on it.

    Side note – I think my forearms are bigger than his calves.

  3. Stumbled in from Tam’s. Leggings don’t look good on many women, and they definitely are wrong on … males. I refuse to call that a man.

    I’ll stick with jeans and t-shirts and flannel and Carhartts. Dirty hands and muddy boots. Smelling like exhaust and grease and farm.

    Beats the snot out of … that … thing. *shudder*

  4. LOL…whatever makes the guy happy! He certainly has his own unique style and will stick out in a crowd. I think a lot of celebs will wear strange things or try to set a style to grab people’s attention and get free publicity out of it. Hell, I didn’t even know who this guy was until you put him on your blog so mission accomplished!

  5. Just to chim in, originally that was considered a very manly look.

    Of course when it last was a man’s style, it was used in Europe in conjunction with a cod piece.

  6. …. wow… That’s terrible. I wonder if they picked the hairiest person they could find just to make sure we knew it was supposed to be a male.

  7. What is the Big deal? Guys are now willing to show off their body. Who gives a shit. When you think of a guy you think, Strong and muscle. U dont look at his legs. Just cause guys are willing to show off their body more doesnt make it look bad. its the fact that when you grow up ur trained to see a man as one with big arms and a six pack. Girls wear tights and a skirt. But if a woman can wear something so revealing why cant a guy. Part of a womans apeal is to show off her boobs, wear tight shirts, etc… Does it scare you that u might be able to see the outline of his package?

    I am a 21 year old Guy. I Love new trends. I think its a good idea that guys have the “OPTION” jsut like women to wear what they want and have things made for men to Fit Men.

    its like telling a girl she cant wear non form fitting clothing cause it WONT show off her body. In my optinion its all about choices. Some people do it cause they wanna be different, some cause its comfortable and some cause they like to piss people off,lol

    This style “may not” look good on EVERYONE just as leggins dont look good on all women. But i dont think u should bash the idea because “guys” arent supposed to wear something cause its somewhat feme. If thats teh case then you need to stop wearing PANTS…Trousers. That was NEVER a woman thing till just recently…(within the alst 40 50 years.

    Quite frankly i think its a good thing that more men are expirimenting with different styles. I like the idea that i have other options than jsut a t shirt and jeans. In a sense girls are very lucky that they have the choices they do. I dont want to turn this into a what guys/girls can and cant do, its jsut nice to have the availability of options.

  8. Well, Ellery, you go and experiment all that you want to then, but most of the women I know want a man who wears less makeup than they do and my wife in particular likes the fact that I can leg press 450 and calf press 700.

    See, she’s one of those types that also likes a man to NOT look like a balloon with two strings for legs.

    Instinct’s last blog post..DM of the Rings

  9. You guys are missing the point. He’s not dressing for the mainstream like you, he’s dressing for his subculture. He’s not interested in impressing the average person, he doesn’t care. He’s dressing to attract women (or men) with HIS tastes.

    The beauty in human diversity is that everybody has different tastes. I think his look is HOT. I’m sure a lot of rocker, hippie, and glam chicks and dudes would think so too, and those are his target audience. As for Instinct, just as I think that huge muscles are grotesque and unnatural looking, i’m sure your wife, and plenty of gals and guys with those tastes, find huge muscles very sexy.

    The problem with most mainstream mens fashion is that it is BORING and UNIMAGINATIVE. Even if his look doesn’t quite work, I give him style points any day for just trying and being different rather than looking the same as everybody else.

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