Real Classy, CNN

The third victim in the Boston Marathon bombing was identified, but her parents requested that her name not be publicly disclosed. A request CNN has a funny way of honoring.


Sure, we won’t reveal her name.  We’ll just tell you what school she went to, describe her Facebook photos and posting, and revealing the name of her roommate. A simple search and a couple clicks and you’ve got her Facebook page.

As if that wasn’t insensitive enough, they went on ahead and released her name in a breaking news update that makes it sound like she’s a suspect in the bombings.


Wow! Journalistic excellence right there, folks.

3 thoughts on “Real Classy, CNN”

  1. I knew it. I told Phil last night, I will bet you anything some “journalist” will out this poor person’s identity. Why?? What possible reason is there for us to know?? These people have suffered so much and these people can’t just honor this one request?!!!

  2. I’m starting to use the term “journalist” as a dirty word. Somewhere just below “bastard” and maybe equal to, or only slightly above, “douchenozzle”. I have yet to meet one with any sort of integrity. I’m sure there’s one or two out there, as there are always exceptions to every rule, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

  3. No, what that is, is pathetic scrambling for ‘news’… If I were the parents, I’d be owning CNN before long…

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