Armchair Quarterbacking

I’m no ninja, no soldier, no tactician, nor officer. I share my thoughts here from the same position I always have, as a wife, a mother, and a citizen of this great Republic.

I was absolutely horrified to see American citizens held captive in their own homes because of the actions of one evil coward. Was putting the city in lock-down the right decision? I don’t know. I certainly don’t like it, and I would like to think there were better ways to handle it. That said, it was only the police force that suffered any casualties. It certainly didn’t play out perfectly, but the coward was caught. The Boston police deserve a good pat on the back for the excellent execution of an imperfect plan. Glad it wasn’t LA.

I do know that had I been hunkered down with my family with a dangerous terrorist on the loose, I would have had my rifle with standard capacity magazines in easy reach, ready to go if needed. Any terrorist seeking shelter in my house would be in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately, most of the people of Boston don’t have that opportunity. For all it’s proud history of revolution, this city has been oppressed.

The onerous laws of Massachusetts left vulnerable the very people they claim to protect. The license requirements certainly didn’t stop the terrorists. They just ignored the rules. Like criminals do and always will. What the laws did succeed in doing is make sure the citizens were at the mercy of the men with guns on both sides of the law.

I’ve heard some chatter about whether or not these two were acting on their own, or if they had support from elsewhere. That maybe they were just one cell of a larger organization. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Honestly, I don’t think it matters. What does matter is that they brought this form of warfare to our streets, and this will not be the last time we see it. Anyone that believes the next coward with terror on their mind wasn’t watching as a great American city was shut down to search for one man is naive. This is only the beginning. I’d like to be wrong, but I’m not.

Something else of note is that even with the finest law enforcement with all their tactical toys on the streets in force, it was a regular citizen stepping out for a cigarette that found the bad guy outside the perimeter that had been set up. Think he was expecting to find a terrorist that day?

Be safe. Be vigilant. Be aware of what is happening around you. If I see you on the news, I want you to be the survivor or the hero, never the victim.

15 thoughts on “Armchair Quarterbacking”

  1. Tough call for the cops on this one. You’ve got two men who killed 4 people with bombs and guns, who had more bombs in their apartment and who were throwing bombs and firing guns at police in hot pursuit. While what the cops did is not necessarily the precedent you want, it was reasonable to think that the escapee might have started up with the bombs and guns again at any time, anywhere.

    And yes, it was an ordinary citizen who first spotted this guy’s hiding place. But the cops would have found him if the perimeter that was set up had been a block or two wider. The bottom line is that someone in Law Enforcement had to make a call knowing that lives of both citizens (possibly) and law enforcement officers (certainly) were at stake. Hard to second-guess this.

  2. I can’t believe the guy walked up to the boat and looked in. Me, I’d have figured my job was done when I saw the rip in the boat’s shrink-wrap and the blood. I’d have gone in the house, grabbed my gun, laid down on the basement floor and called the cops.

  3. I’m thinking I’m falling on the side of the cops on this one (the martial law bit). They had a crisis going on, they made a tough call, and the people of Mass. played their part. Not sure why or who decided the cordon boundary, but once the turd was found, that boundary was moved accordingly, and once he was caught, it was lifted. No attempts to “enforce” the lockdown until the next day “just to make sure” or anything. They did what needed to be done. Of course, my only other recent manhunt I have to base it on was in California, where no lockdown was put into play, no cordons were set up, and pretty much anything that moved and even remotely resembled a vehicle the perp owned (“hey! That one’s got tires, too! Light it up, boys!”) was fired upon, regardless of who occupied said vehicle (thankfully their aim sucks as bad as their tactics).

    I’m sorta on the fence about the house-to-house searches sans warrant….I understand the need, the perp could’ve been hiding anywhere, but seriously…there wasn’t ONE judge somewhere who had the nads to step up and issue a blanket warrant to search for ONLY the turd in question? Even if it was a yellow Post-It ™ with a notary stamp on it, that would have shown me that someone was thinking about the 4th Amendment. However, that’s just me grousing from a computer chair a thousand miles from where the bullets were flying. Overall, I’d say the law enforcement agencies did the best they could with a VERY crappy situation, and major kudos to the folk of Boston for stepping up and running towards the initial blasts to render aid where necessary.

    1. Meant to add, totally agree iwth you on the fact that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Single cell, or part of a much larger group, it doesn’t matter. Taliban stepped up and made a statement saying they didn’t do it…but they also did not decry the incident or condemn those responsible or start offering assistance/intel. Nope…they watched. Our troops were pulled out of their home territories, and are no longer keeping the pressure on at home. So now they’re free to start fighting back. I’m afraid that this is only going to get worse. Much worse. Libs scream about blood in the streets….well, it starts here, and not from those “gun-totin Bibe-lovin’ rednecks” either.

      1. That’s one of my big worries. We don’t know what these two scumbags’ motivations were, but there are others watching who simply want to wreck life in America, just because it’s America.

        And now THOSE groups see just how little it actually takes to disrupt the American lifestyle. A couple explosions, a shooting, a carjacking, and the resulting manhunt essentially shut down commerce, travel, basic freedoms, and LIFE for days. It was one step from martial law, all in the name of “public safety”. Those groups see that, and I’ll bet they will plan accordingly.

        I don’t think this will be the end. I don’t think it will be an isolated incident. I don’t think the commentators on the Left will stop blaming US and the “evil NRA” for the carnage. And I REALLY wouldn’t put it past opportunistic Congress-critters to try to pass “common-sense” legislation to “prevent the next incident”, but which in reality restricts/criminalizes the rest of us.

        If/when it happens again, I pray it’s not near anyone who reads this. But if it is, don’t go looking for trouble. Keep your guns ready, keep your powder dry, and be aware, but – barring a direct threat – don’t try to be a hero; better to be a live “good witness” than a dead would-be hero.

        May Peace favor you all.

  4. Rabid Alien hits on some of the things that bother me. We have a functional declaration of martial law, without any declaration. I am a retired Peace Officer. I was limited by the Constitution in what I did [and willingly so] and the kind of actions all the different agencies did, necessary or not, need to have been authorized by the political and judicial leadership who would be personally responsible for what happens. The precedent of Executive Branch agencies at whatever level, ignoring the existence of the Constitution is not one I am happy with. Especially with the bipartisan collection of lop-earred duds in charge at all levels today.

  5. It occurred to me that what was lacking in Boston might not have been lacking iin Arizona — armed civilians.

    Suppose a half dozen people within 100 feet of the fleeing bomber noticed the scum, and chose to intervene. A half dozen, that is, legally armed, and maintaining awareness of what goes on around them.

    A half dozen out of hundreds that might have closed down the circus within minutes after the explosions, without shots fired.

    Heck, if Boston encouraged armed citizens, the bozos with their black bags might well have decided to write the editor of the paper instead.

    Personally, I didn’t find the banning of guns in Chicago or New York to make them feel any safer.

    I imagine that most mad bombers, like wacko gunmen, would choose another way of expressing themselves, if their targets were armed.

    1. Nah, they don’t find another *way* of expressing themselves. They find another *place*. One that’s not armed or capable of defending themselves, so that at the bare minimum, they have somewhere around five or so minutes to walk away from the scene before police presence arrives…unless it happens to be someplace that already has a police presence (cops are usually around at the finish lines to direct traffic and such). Plenty of soft targets all around the country to choose from.

  6. So, the unorganized (and, in Boston, disarmed) militia finds the bad guy outside the police perimeter. Way to go, Massachusetts! The cradle of Liberty, and now, its grave.

    1. Crotalus, if you have a better way to have handled the situation, I’m all ears.

      “Teh Polize didn’t set up the perimeter in the right area, thez teh stupid” Yeah, because it should go just like on TV and everything works out perfect.

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