There Is No Such Thing as ‘Gun Rights’

I know. That sounds like a strange statement around here, but just give me a minute of your time.

A gun is a tool.It is devoid of intention or motivation. It possesses no morality, no soul. Alone, a gun cannot intimidate or protect. It is neither good nor evil. It is a tool and thus has no inherent rights.

And yet, we hear that term over and over again. Gun Rights. As if any other human right could belong to the tool and not the person. No, we only divorce the person from the right when we wish to color the emotional response. ‘Abortion Rights’ anyone?

Erin posted a most excellent rant the other day which you should absolutely read in full if you haven’t already. I just wanted to point this bit out

Here’s the lovely thing about rights: They aren’t up for a vote. That’s why they’re rights.

Let’s put it another way:

  • your so-called “suffrage”
  • your so-called “emancipation”
  • your so-called “integration”
  • your so-called “religious freedom”
  • your so-called “freedom of speech”
  • your so-called “right to due process”

Each of these rights belong to you, the individual. You have a right to vote, to be free, to worship as you please, etc. And you, as a human being, have a right to own a gun. It is not the gun that has rights any more than the ballot has rights inherent in its existence. Each is a powerful tool, but the power comes from the one wielding the tool.

Gun ownership is an exercise of your right to life. Defense of self is inseparable from this most basic human right. Would a bear still be a bear if you took its claws? De-clawing a cat permanently places them in bondage to their human masters. They are no longer free creatures. Denying arms to an otherwise free man does much the same.

This is not to say that those who choose not to own firearms are not free. The freedom lies in having the choice. Freedom of religion does not mean you must worship, only that you have the choice in how you worship if you choose to do so at all.

So too with the right to bear arms. As an autonomous human being, I cannot be compelled to bear arms nor can the right be denied. I alone have the right to that choice.

9 thoughts on “There Is No Such Thing as ‘Gun Rights’”

  1. I’ve been saying it for a while and I’ll keep on doing it until it catches on: They are not my “gun rights,” they are my God-given HUMAN RIGHTS. And they are not up for debate, discussion or compromise. EVER.

    Keep repeating it until they hear you–that’s how the Proglodytes do it, and it seems to be working for them on too many issues so far.

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