There is No Such Thing as ‘Gun Control’

Earlier this week, we established that There is No Such Thing as ‘Gun Rights.’ Tools are inanimate, only people can have rights.

Building on this premise, what do you think is really meant by those calling for gun control? A gun cannot act of its own volition. It is not the tools themselves that any legislation has ever exerted control over. It’s the people.

Americans tend to have a fairly strong rebellious streak and would rightfully prickle if the media and anti-gun activists were honest in their messaging. Calling it ‘People Control’ would be unlikely to gain much traction with the voting public.

Much like when the term ‘gun rights’ is bandied about, we need to ignore the descriptive. When they talk about limiting ‘gun rights,’ it is about the rights of free citizens. Exactly the same people they would like to control.

I could continue this by taking their arguments down in detail, but Kevin has already done that in a post you should have read by now.


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