So The Lady In Your Life Wants A Gun

Wherein I attempt to answer the unanswerable.

What gun for the wife? Mom? Daughter? Lady in your life? This is one of the more common questions asked at gun stores and of the gun enthusiast friend. As much as we would like there to be, there is no simple, one-size-fits-all answer. Just like not every woman will put on the sky-high stilettos, the 5-shot, snub-nosed revolver will not fit every woman.

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Why yes, that’s me over there too!

10 thoughts on “So The Lady In Your Life Wants A Gun”

  1. Another +1 for North.

    On another note: getting them a full-sized pistol can be a much better idea than a snubnose. Easier to use(better sight radius, often lighter triggers), and often less recoil/pain. I never really understood the snubnose advice, sure if you can shoot a snubnose you can shoot anything, it’s like the high altitude training of the gun world, but wouldn’t it be better to ease them in?

  2. My favorite gun is whichever one I happen to be holding at the moment!

    For the most part, it is -not- the tiny guns, nor the snubbies. One of my carry choices is a full size 1911. One is not.

  3. Finding a gun for Samara has been difficult. She was dead set on an auto, but dislocated, crushed and broke her strongside wrist many years ago has left her unable to manipulate the slide on many weapons. Plus she’s a lefty. The Beretta Cheetahs seemed like the perfect, underpowered for size, compromise. She is not particularly recoil sensitive. Recently she expressed an interest in revolvers. She’s handled a lot of 3″ and 4″ wheel guns at recent shows. Now to get her some range time and let her pick something.

  4. Ken O:

    Please help her test drive a Walther PK380. Good for lefties (ambi safety and mag release) and probably the easiest slide to operate. DA/SA trigger that isn’t too heavy.

  5. I’m going through this situation right now with my mom, who has asked me to help her select [another] firearm. A few years back she decided to finally buy a pistol (the first gun she’s ever owned), and after trying out many different models she picked a Ruger SR9. A few weeks back we were talking and she mentioned that she no longer kept the gun out and ready – it was now stored away in her closet. When asked why, she stated that “it scared her” because of the recoil, and she has trouble racking the slide as well. She’s always loved my Mark II .22/45, and told me she’d like to have one for her home defense gun. I’m kind of bothered at her relying on a .22 for self-defense, but I admit it’s better than the 9mm she has hidden in her closet.

    1. “WELL WHY DID YOU PICK A GUN YOU WEREN’T COMFORTABLE WITH!?” I wouldn’t worry too much about using a .22 for self-defense, so long as she’s willing to throw as many bullets at the bad guy as she can.

  6. “saying that a small .38 revolver is the way to go.”

    My dad got my mom a small .38 revolver.(S&W hammerless) She hates it.(polymer-frame, super light, kicks more than his Python)

    Fortunately, there’s no shortage of guns in either the house I grew up in nor the house I currently live in, and I get my penchant for guns from her side, so in event of an emergency, there’s nothing to worry about.

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