Conversations While Out And About

Hubby and I headed out Saturday to pick up a couple of things to take with us to Houston next weekend. (insert SQUEEE!) In chatting with the guy running the shop that day, we learned that he was formerly a purveyor of things that go bang. So the conversation turned to guns and politics, as it so often does. And then the inevitable question

Merchant: So, what do you carry?

Me: FNP 45 Tactical

Merchant: (suddenly wide-eyed and incredulous) WHERE?!?!?

Me: Right here (sweeping back the light shirt which had been serving as cover garment and fashionable addition)

There are certain benefits to being married to the holster-maker extraordinaire.

The rig, sans cover garment.

That is what I mean by the fallacy of the ladies gun. The tactical toaster isn’t for everyone, but there is something out there that is a good fit for you. Go read my wrap up here.

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